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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

July 28, 2011

First off let’s begin by saying this is not a direct port over from the N64 version. This version of Ocarina of Time is packed with new features and visually is stunning to play in 3D. Nintendo have granted us a modern version of OCT and it’s by far the better version. Fans of the N64 version will not be disappointed.

In OCT 3D, nearly everything is an improvement over the original game. The graphics, animation, character models and the gameplay. The 3 dimensional graphics does add a whole new level to the stunning visuals this game has shown. Glittering dust floating in the Lost Woods to the starts in the cutscenes. You have to experience it to understand, it’s very impressive.

Some of the noticeable improvements over the original are features such as the maps becoming clearer, items can be equipped far more efficiently, and Navi is less annoying. Equipping items is less difficult this time with the touch screen. Also when aiming with your boomeranrg, bow & arrow and hookshot, you can either use the directional pad to aim at your desired location or use motion controls. I actually found the motion controls easier and more accurate to use than the directional controls.

The dungeons or locations haven’t changed although you would think so with the graphical upgrade. Also with the Iron Boots being less difficult to equip you can now embrace how easier the Water Temple has become or any other dungeon that requires equipping items for that matter. What I realised and remembered is this is one of the games that doesn’t hold your hand and instructs you on what you have to do in dungeons. The process is you enter a dungeon and it’s up to you to figure everything out. Many games have turned away from this forumla to allow more casual players to be introduced. This game does use a hint system but these are found in certain places. You will need to find Shiekah or gossip stones and that’s how you activate a hint in OCT 3D. The downside is sometimes you could get stuck and have no idea where you should go next because if you forget to perform even a small event it will stop you from proceeding on in the story.

Death is still the same, no checkpoint system has been introduced unless you trigger an event. If you die in a dungeon, it means you will need to start the whole dungeon over, this will leave players being more vigilant while journeying into dungeons. No autosave feature has been introduced either. Exploration is still the same with no fast travel, no teleportation, so if you want to travel to a certain location you will have to get there either by walking or by riding on a horse called Epona.

Extra easter eggs, and an all new Master Quest will definitely mean more replay value. Upon completing the game, you will have the option of journeying through Master Quest. This option will make your adventure much more difficult. The world will be mirrored, enemies stronger and items could be more difficult to find even if you have played the game numerous times before. Also another added bonus is you can replay all boss fights and if you’re looking for a challenge, you could face all the bosses in one gruesome fight and see how far you can survive.

My only problem with the game was the camera. The camera can be very annoying at times during battles or especially in boss battles, yet this game has many positives about it and it won’t take away from the games experience but it does get annoying when battling large enemies.

Ocarina of Time 3D is a welcome remake to the legendary series and it’s a very impressive title in itself. It’s as addicting, fun and memorable as it was back then but even better this time round.