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inFAMOUS 2 Review

July 28, 2011

Sucker Punch’s Cole Mcgrath is back and while inFAMOUS was a new successful title that took everyone by surprise, the million dollar question is how does inFAMOUS 2 scale after 2 years? Is doing the same thing you did 2 years back still fun or has it become a repetitive chore for any player to play as a super hero?

inFAMOUS 2 takes us straight into the action where The Beast is already destroying Empire City. The story is still told through an animated style comic, which suits the mood of inFAMOUS 2. We were shown a vision of the future by Kessler in inFAMOUS. Cole tries battling with The Beast but to no avail your powers are too weak and they get drained so you become even weaker. You then set off to New Marais with a new assistant named Kuo, a girl who will have a major part to play later on in the game. Once you arrive at New Marais you must head to Dr.Wolfes lab and talk to him about getting your powers stronger enough to defeat The Beast before he reaches New Marais.

Gameplay was what made inFAMOUS very fun and engaging and inFAMOUS 2 makes it that much better, with new powers, faster Cole, better gliding and nearly everything has been improved other than Cole’s voice. inFAMOUS 2 still plays exactly like how inFAMOUS did but that isn’t exactly a bad thing. Change isn’t always good. Cole can unlock powers by either completing story missions, side missions or using his powers on enemies. What has been improved vastly over the original game is the melee. Cole at the beginning of the game is given a weapon called the AMP and I found myself using melee very often thanks to the nice slow motion effect as the weapon is used. It’s actually really fun to use after unlocking all the moves for it. Blast Shards are also back but aren’t anywhere as difficult as collecting in the previous game due to one of Cole’s new powers that can be unlocked later on in the game. New enemies which are more difficult than conduits have been introduced. Also the bosses in this game are huge when compared to the last.

You’re still given the ability to choose if you would like to play evil or good but this doesn’t exactly effect much in the story at all but only how civilians react towards you. Play evil and they will come and try to beat the living hell out of you on the streets but play as good and they actually do help and beat down on anyone that attacks you. Playing good or evil will give you karma based powers, with each karma having a different set of powered abilities, this boosts the games replay value and will want to make the player, play again to see the alternative ending and experience the different powers and different missions you can play.

The city of New Marais has more variety than Empire City. New Marais has a swamp and a flooded area which you will see Cole begin to dance if he steps into a shallow part of the landscape containing any sort of water. Also the amount of destruction that can happen on the screen at once is really impressive. Numerous explosions and enemies doing there own thing makes this game more action packed than the original.

Also Sucker Punch now allows players to create their own missions and upload them for players around the world to experience. These missions are shown on your map just like a story mission but will be coloured in green. Also there is a filter option to filter what sort of missions you would like to show up. Creating a mission is not simple but not easy either since there is basically no tutorial to help you through it step by step. So to create your perfect missions it will mean you will need to play around with the creation feature of the game.

inFAMOUS 2 is not perfect with the camera being sometime a hassle when in interior buildings and the game is yet to be challenging at all. Hard difficulty isn’t really hard and Cole still sticks on to ledges like super glue when you’re not trying to hold a ledge.

inFAMOUS 2 is a fun and engaging game to play. Completing everything will take you around 20 hours and that’s not counting the endless possibilities of playing the UGC missions players have created or you can spend countless hours creating your perfect mission. inFAMOUS 2 does everything and better than the original, with a lot of variety and replay value makes this title a must have for any PS3 owner.



Shadow of The Colossus Movie

September 23, 2010

Ping Chang, Misher Films executive producer has commented on how the Shadow of The Colossus movie is coming along.

“For Colossus, beyond the cinematic quality of having Wander battling these sixteen colossi, we have to effectively translate that into a narrative that people are going to want to watch for two hours. Without getting into the specifics of the script, that’s a big challenge, especially for something so stark,” he explained.

“One of the struggles of the game is that it is very episodic in nature, similar to the seven exes from Scott Pilgrim. Not that I don’t respect the Scott Pilgrim source material, but watching the movie, I felt it sort of dragged along. Those are some of the pitfalls that we have to be careful to avoid. So these colossi battles need to be very significant, they can’t just be one after the other, there has to be something learned from them.”

For a movie to capture the essence of Shadow of The Colossus will be no easy task. Chang has also played Shadow of The Colossus multiple times so gamers can be reassured, but then again we can all remember how Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li went down or maybe we choose not to remember it.



LittleBigPlanet 2 Delayed

September 23, 2010

It’s official, LittleBigPlanet 2 has now been delayed till January 2011. Developer Media Molecule has apologised and said that the delay is key to replicate what MM achieved in the original game. Then again the game was going to be released very close to Gran Turismo 5 & that would also vastly affect its sells.

LittleBigPlanet 2 allows gamers to create their own levels but it has been expanded so that gamers can even create their own games of any genre. I guess we won’t be playing as Sackboy in a FPS game until January.


Team ICO Collection Confirmed

September 13, 2010

Finally the heavily rumoured Team ICO Collection will be released sometime next year during either March or April 2011. The collection will include ICO & Shadow of The Colossus and is set to priced at £25.

Eurogamer has been told that the collection will be available for pre-order from UK retailers in a few days, so most likely during or after the Tokyo Game Show which will begin on the 16th.

The collection will be remastered just like the God of War Collection and will be coming on one single Blu-Ray disc.

Prepare to hold Yoda’s hand again in beautiful high definition come next year.


Insomniac To Reveal Their Next PS3 Project

August 14, 2010

Developer Insomniac will be revealing its latest PS3 project on September 4th, 6:30PM Pacific time. Mark this date on your calendar girls and boys, as its going to be a long wait.

Insomniac will be showcasing the game behind the scenes at the Penny Arcade Expo. The developer will be allowing questions to be asked during the presentation. Could it be a new IP or one of the two heavily rumored games, Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: Future 3?


The PSP2

June 22, 2010

All the rumours about the PSP2 were pretty much…rumours that were far from the truth or were they? Sony did not announce the PSP2 during E3 but the thoughts of it being announced at the Tokyo Game Show isn’t too far-fetched. The Tokyo Game Show is as big as E3 for Japan, so not all hope is lost. Here’s a list of things I would like to see with the new PSP2, when there is one.

1. Trophy Unlocking

Many trophy hunters would purchase a PSP2 solely because of this reason and it would incredibly boost the replay value of each game purchased, so you can even make more out of your personal handheld. Imagine hearing the trophy unlock sound but on the PSP2.Blim!

2. Have larger internal memory

We all would want to see the new PSP have a larger internal memory rather than us purchasing memory cards with a larger capacity the whole time. The new PSP should have larger internal memory with the memory card being an option.

3. Include 3G or 4G

We all would like to go online on our PSP’s anywhere at anytime but with the PSP only featuring WiFi, we find ourselves constantly looking around for a hot spot and then having to have to pay to use them. So 3G or 4G would be one of the most welcomed feature by many gamers.

4. Two analogue sticks

The PSP has only one but it wouldn’t kill them to include two analogue sticks! It would make many games easier to play on the PSP2. The reason there isn’t many First Person Shooters on the PSP is because of how difficult it would be to control your character or gun in the game. Including two analogue sticks would help us and the developers in playing or developing a game.

5. Better graphics

The PSP was released a little after the PS2 and had insane graphics but now the graphics are getting outdated and need a nice upgrade. The PSP at the time had close to PS2 graphics which is in my opinion a technical achievement and with the PSP2, who knows maybe something close to PS3 graphics? Ok that is too far-fetched but maybe close to 360 graphics….

6. Longer Battery Life

I mean come on Sony, it’s a handheld but the battery runs out very quick. We would all like to play our games with full volume on a very bright screen. If they can at least boost the PSP game time for up to 10 hours then that definitely would last most journeys, yet the PSP right now can only go up to 4-5 hours maximum.

7. Include rumble

Including rumble will be putting gamers straight into the action. Killing, blowing up cars, punching someone’s bulls makes none of this stuff come to life without rumble. If Sony include this feature in the new PSP it would vastly enhance a player’s experience and they would be able to include mini games that take advantage of the rumble feature. Take for instance trying to find something and if your PSP vibrates it means you’re getting very close to finding it and the closer you get the more your PSP begins to vibrate.

8. OLED Screen

Many mobiles phones have begun using OLED screens especially smartphones. If the Sony introduces this feature in the new PSP, not only will it boost the PSP’s native resolution but it will also save more power. So gamers can have more game time on their PSP’s before having to recharge it again.

9. High Definition Movie Playback

The original PSP plays movies on UMD’s but how would it feel to playback high-definition movies on your PSP or maybe even connect it up to your home HD-TV and watch it on there? It would feel pretty great. You would have your own movie database on your PSP2.

10. Touch Screen

The DS has changed how gamers play handheld games just because of the touch screen. Take for instance Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The mini games on there are all pretty much touch screen but they also broaden the experience of the game, making it as if the player is actually doing the stuff rather than just pressing a couple of buttons to open a door or steal a car.

These are the features I would like in the new PSP. What features would you like? Let us all know in the comment section below.


Top Video Game Developers

June 21, 2010

Many game companies have been in the gaming industry but which game companies are worth a mention? Well here’s a list of the top game companies out there.

Clover Studios

Now these top dogs deserve a place because of making Okami. Not many games allow you to play as a god, but in Okami you get to play as Amaterasu. Amaterasu is a white wolf who has to restore light back in the darkened areas of Nippon. The game is a mix between, action, platform and puzzles. You also use the Celestial brush to execute attacks, draw bridges and much more! I remember the time where you are free to draw a face on a piece of paper and stick it on your face, you then roam around an ice cave with a piece of paper with your drawing on it, stuck on your face.


Now these guys have been making some really awesome RPG’s lately. Take the Persona series for instance. I’d rather play that than any Final Fantasy that has been out within the last 5 years. They’ve also made a 2D RPG called Odin Sphere, which is another very addicting game. The persona series and Odin Sphere win this developer a spot on this list.


One of my favourite developers of all time. They’ve been making games for years, from football to the Metal Gear Solid series. This developer did not lose the plot like Capcom and Square Enix have this generation. This developer has delivered us games such as the Metal Gear Solid series, the Pro Evolution series, The Zone of the Enders series and some memorable DS games such as The World Ends With You (my favourite DS game). Also how about one of the greatest RPG series, Suikoden or maybe the classic game Contra?

Square Enix

This developer has really lost its touch this generation but we can never forget the classic games it made in the previous generation such as Final Fantasy I to X. FFX in my opinion was the final FF that was actually good. The rest were pretty boring, especially the worst one in the series FFXIII. They’ve also developed one of my favourite game series, Kingdom Hearts. Who would have thought Square Enix characters would be with Disney characters in one game? Well they are in this series. Lots of people talk about how the series seems childish, but I tell them to eat shit and die. What about the classic Chrono Trigger? It was also remade on the DS and it still was addicting to replay after all these years!

Santa Monica Studios

These bad boys brought us the God of War series and what a classic game that is. They were able to make Kratos’s character come to life with the latest installment in the series God of War III. They’ve also helped in developing another excellent online game which I’m sure you’ve all heard of, Warhawk. A game where you can use vehicles and run around spraying and praying. You have to give these guys credit for bringing these two perfect titles to the PS3.


One of the most respected and reputable game companies around. Come on, we all know Nintendo’s first party exclusives always turn out to be awesome. The recent Super Mario Galaxy 2 proves so! Nintendo was the company/developer that pretty much drove the gaming industry in the right direction. By introducing characters such as Mario, Kirby, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Samus! We all know how much we played on our Nintendo’s and SNES back when we were young. No matter what direction Nintendo takes forward, they will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Plus it introduced us to the Gameboy and along came with it another classic game Tetris.

They also made Wii Sports…..


What happened to Sonic? Doesn’t matter because the Sonic games were indeed really enjoyable back at the time where Mario was released. Sega and Nintendo used to be though competitors as both companies had a range of excellent titles. Anyone remembers Shenmue? Powerstone? ChuChu Rocket? Sonic Adventure? Although the Dreamcast failed in sells but it was one hell of a console. It was also one of the first consoles to introduce online gaming.


These guys have lost respect from me and many gamers through out the years especially because of how much they love money! Then again I remember myself playing Street Fighter II on the SNES when I was 6 years old and I forgive them. From games such as Resident Evil, Marvel VS Capcom and Street Fighter, this game’s company has left its mark in the gaming industry although it has been losing its touch this generation.


These guys took sandbox games to another level with the Grand Theft Auto series. Nudity, drugs, violence you name it. Every game they create is controversial. Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Warriors and who can forget about the very violent Manhunt? Who knew that killing people with plastic bags can be fun or maybe slicing someone’s throat with a piece of glass. They also developed another classic game called Max Payne. A game that introduced slow motion bullet time during gameplay.


Aperture science. We do what we must because….we can. A games company that brought you games such as Half Life, Portal, Day of Defeat & Counter Strike. The longest game I played in my life was Counter Strike: Source. If I remember correctly I played that shit for around 2 years and wouldn’t get bored of it. The best adventure I had in first person shooters was when playing Half Life 2. Being Freeman and killing crabs with the crowbar, it can’t get better than this.

Okay let’s go.


This company will always be remembered for the awesome games it brought to the arcades such as Space Invaders, Pac Man and the fighting game Tekken. The company has died down along the years but it doesn’t mean it will be forgotten especially if the first games you played were on the Atari. Space Invaders with a huge joystick brings back memories.

Team Ico

The most innovative company in my opinion. These guys brought us only 2 games. Ico and Shadow of The Colossus. These 2 games brought new gameplay elements to the gaming industry and now every gamer would expect a game that’s totally different to the competition each time they are developing one. Now every gamer out there is anxiously anticipating The Last Guardian which without a doubt will be another great title to play.

Naughty Dog

Who doesn’t love these guys? If you were young when these guys were around you must have played Crash Bandicoot or the spin-off racing games or Jak & Daxter or Uncharted 2, which is game of year, of the year, of the year. These guys have been only improving since they’ve made Crash. A highly respected games company and who knows what they’re working on right now. Maybe Uncharted 3?


One game, World of Warcraft. I’m not much of a fan of MMO’s but this game must have made Blizzard a shit load of money and still is. Yet they still have previous games such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. Many games that PC gamers all around the world continue playing till this very day. Yet every now and then this games company will release an expansion pack for World of Warcraft so the experience never dies out.