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L.A Noire Review

July 28, 2011

Let me begin by saying L.A Noire is a very different experience from what everyone’s used to when it comes to games that are similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. This game doesn’t only enter unvisited territory but also does a good job at it. From shoot outs, to playing private eye or chasing people on foot and on wheels. L.A Noire has a lot going for it but is it enough for the people who aren’t used to this flavour of tea? One thing we can be sure is naked women, size 8 shoes and a hell of a lot morphine will be found in this adventure.

The game’s story is basically split into 3 to 4 stories which all conclude to the final boiling point on each desk. You  play as Cole Phelps, a war hero who has earned the Silver Star and returned home. As you progress through the game cases you will see vital flashbacks to what happened during the whole time Phelps was in the war, yet these flashbacks also tie into the story of certain cases you’re playing. There are 5 desks you will need to progress from starting at Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice and then finally Arson. Each desks has different types of cases but most enjoyable for was the Homicide desk. The story was really interesting and very mind puzzling.

Let me get the negative’s out of the way and there is quite a few I would like to talk about.

The world of L.A Noire is set in the 1940’s in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is recreated from top to bottom, so the player can experience how life in the 1940’s was really lived. From Music, attires, vehicles, weapons and to the way characters communicate and speak. The world is filled with interior buildings to explore and it’s very rich in detail, although activity wise there’s nothing to actually do while free roaming. L.A Noire comes with 40 optional street crimes to complete yet each one takes 2-3 minutes, which is quite disappointing. Every crime scene has no challenge at all and seems like the developers were just forced to insert something ‘optional’ in the game because this game lacks a lot of optional (extra) things to do. After completing the game you’re free to revisit free roam mode but if you’ve collected all the film reels, newspapers which are all collected as you progress through the story, and done all 40 street crimes, then you will have nothing else to do in L.A Noire. Free roam gets boring and fast since you cannot shoot or wreck havoc and this makes free roam pointless. Other optional tasks such as driving every vehicle and finding all the famous L.A locations seem nothing but a chore. It’s just like finding collectibles but the only thing that differs is what the collectible are.

Also a few glitches occurred as I progressed through the game. One that didn’t allow me to continue through a case until I got caught. I was meant to tail a suspect on foot without letting them see me, but then the suspect stopped moving forward and I found myself just watching the suspect look left and right as if she was a child just beginning to learn how to cross the road. Once I got bored of the suspect being stubborn and not learning how to cross I got out of  Solid Snake’ s OctoCamo suit and the suspect instantly saw me. After restarting well let’s just say the suspect learnt how to cross the road this time round, phew. Another rather annoying feature was tight corridors. If your partner is behind you, you will have to fight your way back because your partner won’t budge unless you can teleport but I don’t think teleportation was invented yet in the 1940’s.

Phelps is enjoying the new design

Also after doing 10 hours of cases, the game begins to become repetitive, why? Maybe because you keep doing the same thing. You go over to a crime scene, find clues, note them down in your notebook, one of the clues would be another location which you would then need to visit and so on. Every case only differs in location, clues and suspects. You either end up chasing them and trust me every suspect just begins running and you would start to think to yourself after being promoted toVice wouldn’t Phelps learn that suspects won’t listen and just run each time? Every case differs in how you would deal with a suspect yet there isn’t much variety. You would either chase them by car or foot, or you would have to infiltrate their base of operation with a classic shoot out. Then after the dust has settled you would go over the clues you have found and interrogate the suspect before charging them with the arrest. After the case is closed a new one will begin and guess what? You will have to do all the above again.

Moving on to the good stuff, MotionScan. This technology allows the player to experience facial animation like never seen before and I have to admit, it’s really top notch. During interrogation after a witness or suspect answers a question, just by looking at them you could tell by their facial expression if they’re lieing or telling the truth. This is where L.A Noire shines and it’s one of my favourite features in the game because I haven’t experienced anything like it. Also this feature brings cinematic experience to video gaming that much closer, and each character animation has been acted out by a real actor to capture each glimpse and each hard gulp.


During an interrogation you will have your notebook and the list of questions you will be able to ask. Once the witness or suspect answers a question you have 3 options to select from, lie, doubt and truth. Once you’ve selected an option Phelps would either tick or cross the question you’ve asked depending on if you’ve selected the right choice. Although if you select lie then you will have to select from the list of clues you’ve found to prove that the suspect isn’t telling the truth. Get a question right and the suspect will open up allowing you to jot down more clues but get it wrong and no new clues for Phelps notebook. Although getting a question wrong will not end the game,  but will allow you to less understand the suspect’s motives and the story won’t be as clear.

Searching for clues I found is the most entertaining aspect of this game. You will enter a location and as you walk around your controller will vibrate allowing you to inspect that section more closer. Also each clue is very rich in detail from the text to the dripping blood.Once a new and relevant clue is found Phelps will jot it down in his notebook to be referred to later on in the case.

And we have a wise guy.

As you progress through the game, you will start to rack up points depending on how many questions you answered right or how many clues you found by the end of a case. This will allow you to rank up and sometimes you will unlock a new outfit or a new intuition point. An intuition point allows you while interrogating a person to either erase a wrong answer or if you have a social club account to ask the community which is the right answer. Basically like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s ask the crowd and 50/50.

Not only is the voice acting outstanding but so are the performance of the actors. This will allow you to immerse yourself more into the story and the music is very 1940’s making you feel that you’re currently living during that time.

L.A Noire succeeds in many areas but also has flaws. You either love it or hate it but L.A Noire succeeds in being a different type of game than what we’re used to. Although the game does have a slow paced story and gets repetitive but the game is enjoyable and it was entertaining. You can complete everything in the game in just over 20 hours. Free roam you cannot do much in which is a shame really because L.A Noire contains a very large free roam world for you to explore yet there is absolutely nothing to do in it. If you love action games with mix of noire, then you only have one choice but to check this baby out.



10 Things Everyone Did In Grand Theft Auto III

January 11, 2011

Once upon a time in a world far, far away. We had a peaceful world before GTA. There has been numerous Grand Theft Auto’s released after GTAIII, but none will ever replace  our beloved GTAIII, nor will anything replace our animal friend Pogo The Monkey.

GTAIII was the first game to truly be a sandbox game and revolutionise gaming forever. You’re put in a world where everything goes and doesn’t throw the word ‘fun’ out the window.

If you’ve all played this game you would understand the nostalgic feeling this game will always bring once you see a screenshot or hear your favourite music track on your favourite radio station. I’ve compiled a list of things I’m sure everyone would remember doing. Be sure to comment telling us what creative things you used to do in GTAIII.

gta3 logo 04 300x223 10 Things Everyone Did In Grand Theft Auto III

Pick up a hooker:

Remember when you used to drive by with your Infernus or Cheetah trying to pick up hookers so they can give you that extra 25 health points? Then after it all gets down and groovy you kill her and take your money back.

Place a car bomb and wait:

So you visit 8 Ball to fix you with a car bomb. You drive to a section of the map that’s highly populated with civilians and leave it in the middle of the road with your bomb armed. Once in a while a civilian would try to steal the car and that’s where you come in. Then you hear humorous screams from civilians.

Delaying your mission just to finish off a good music track:

I’m sure everyone did this. Before entering a mission if a music track such as ‘Push It To The Limit’ or ‘She’s On Fire’  was on you would delay your mission till the music track is finished.

The Great Wall of Cars then KABOOM:

Basically I used to park a car in the middle of a two way street, then vehicles that are coming and going will be blocked. You steal all the cars that are near you and put them right next to each other. Shoot one car till it’s about to explode then you get to watch the pattern of exploding cars begin. Such beauty…

Stealing the only Banshee on the first island:

The first island only had one and it was right next to a petrol station to what seemed like a car company which only owned one car, but that one car had monstrous speed!

Head shotting civilians from rooftops:

Used to buy a sniper and filled it up with ammo, then go over to a high rooftop and try and get as many headshots in row as I possibly could. Once I had a four star wanted level I would ready my Bazooka to take down the chopper.

Ride the Dodo as long as possible:

Remember the very first time you tried to ride the Dodo and just crashed it? Or remember the very first time you rode it and was actually able to keep it under control for over 5 seconds? It felt very rewarding.

Using cheat codes:

The police is shooting at you, you then rotate a couple of times and then get granted full instant health. My sniper ammo has finished, hmm lets just rotate a couple of times to restock the ammo.

You think you can take me? You need an army if you’re going to take me:

Achieving a 6 star wanted level and once the tank has arrived, you steal it and go on a riot shooting your cannon and blowing up cars. I’ve always wondered why the police was so suicidal when you had the tank? As soon as they appear they tried to commit suicide and drive right into you.

Listening to Lazlow:

Turn your radio stations to Chatterbox and listen to people talking to Lazlow about naked people. Lazlow makes anything interesting!

GTAIII was released many years ago but will forever remain in our hearts as the best Grand Theft Auto yet. What did you guys used do in GTAIII? Be sure to drop it down in the comment section.


Top Video Game Developers

June 21, 2010

Many game companies have been in the gaming industry but which game companies are worth a mention? Well here’s a list of the top game companies out there.

Clover Studios

Now these top dogs deserve a place because of making Okami. Not many games allow you to play as a god, but in Okami you get to play as Amaterasu. Amaterasu is a white wolf who has to restore light back in the darkened areas of Nippon. The game is a mix between, action, platform and puzzles. You also use the Celestial brush to execute attacks, draw bridges and much more! I remember the time where you are free to draw a face on a piece of paper and stick it on your face, you then roam around an ice cave with a piece of paper with your drawing on it, stuck on your face.


Now these guys have been making some really awesome RPG’s lately. Take the Persona series for instance. I’d rather play that than any Final Fantasy that has been out within the last 5 years. They’ve also made a 2D RPG called Odin Sphere, which is another very addicting game. The persona series and Odin Sphere win this developer a spot on this list.


One of my favourite developers of all time. They’ve been making games for years, from football to the Metal Gear Solid series. This developer did not lose the plot like Capcom and Square Enix have this generation. This developer has delivered us games such as the Metal Gear Solid series, the Pro Evolution series, The Zone of the Enders series and some memorable DS games such as The World Ends With You (my favourite DS game). Also how about one of the greatest RPG series, Suikoden or maybe the classic game Contra?

Square Enix

This developer has really lost its touch this generation but we can never forget the classic games it made in the previous generation such as Final Fantasy I to X. FFX in my opinion was the final FF that was actually good. The rest were pretty boring, especially the worst one in the series FFXIII. They’ve also developed one of my favourite game series, Kingdom Hearts. Who would have thought Square Enix characters would be with Disney characters in one game? Well they are in this series. Lots of people talk about how the series seems childish, but I tell them to eat shit and die. What about the classic Chrono Trigger? It was also remade on the DS and it still was addicting to replay after all these years!

Santa Monica Studios

These bad boys brought us the God of War series and what a classic game that is. They were able to make Kratos’s character come to life with the latest installment in the series God of War III. They’ve also helped in developing another excellent online game which I’m sure you’ve all heard of, Warhawk. A game where you can use vehicles and run around spraying and praying. You have to give these guys credit for bringing these two perfect titles to the PS3.


One of the most respected and reputable game companies around. Come on, we all know Nintendo’s first party exclusives always turn out to be awesome. The recent Super Mario Galaxy 2 proves so! Nintendo was the company/developer that pretty much drove the gaming industry in the right direction. By introducing characters such as Mario, Kirby, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Samus! We all know how much we played on our Nintendo’s and SNES back when we were young. No matter what direction Nintendo takes forward, they will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Plus it introduced us to the Gameboy and along came with it another classic game Tetris.

They also made Wii Sports…..


What happened to Sonic? Doesn’t matter because the Sonic games were indeed really enjoyable back at the time where Mario was released. Sega and Nintendo used to be though competitors as both companies had a range of excellent titles. Anyone remembers Shenmue? Powerstone? ChuChu Rocket? Sonic Adventure? Although the Dreamcast failed in sells but it was one hell of a console. It was also one of the first consoles to introduce online gaming.


These guys have lost respect from me and many gamers through out the years especially because of how much they love money! Then again I remember myself playing Street Fighter II on the SNES when I was 6 years old and I forgive them. From games such as Resident Evil, Marvel VS Capcom and Street Fighter, this game’s company has left its mark in the gaming industry although it has been losing its touch this generation.


These guys took sandbox games to another level with the Grand Theft Auto series. Nudity, drugs, violence you name it. Every game they create is controversial. Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Warriors and who can forget about the very violent Manhunt? Who knew that killing people with plastic bags can be fun or maybe slicing someone’s throat with a piece of glass. They also developed another classic game called Max Payne. A game that introduced slow motion bullet time during gameplay.


Aperture science. We do what we must because….we can. A games company that brought you games such as Half Life, Portal, Day of Defeat & Counter Strike. The longest game I played in my life was Counter Strike: Source. If I remember correctly I played that shit for around 2 years and wouldn’t get bored of it. The best adventure I had in first person shooters was when playing Half Life 2. Being Freeman and killing crabs with the crowbar, it can’t get better than this.

Okay let’s go.


This company will always be remembered for the awesome games it brought to the arcades such as Space Invaders, Pac Man and the fighting game Tekken. The company has died down along the years but it doesn’t mean it will be forgotten especially if the first games you played were on the Atari. Space Invaders with a huge joystick brings back memories.

Team Ico

The most innovative company in my opinion. These guys brought us only 2 games. Ico and Shadow of The Colossus. These 2 games brought new gameplay elements to the gaming industry and now every gamer would expect a game that’s totally different to the competition each time they are developing one. Now every gamer out there is anxiously anticipating The Last Guardian which without a doubt will be another great title to play.

Naughty Dog

Who doesn’t love these guys? If you were young when these guys were around you must have played Crash Bandicoot or the spin-off racing games or Jak & Daxter or Uncharted 2, which is game of year, of the year, of the year. These guys have been only improving since they’ve made Crash. A highly respected games company and who knows what they’re working on right now. Maybe Uncharted 3?


One game, World of Warcraft. I’m not much of a fan of MMO’s but this game must have made Blizzard a shit load of money and still is. Yet they still have previous games such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. Many games that PC gamers all around the world continue playing till this very day. Yet every now and then this games company will release an expansion pack for World of Warcraft so the experience never dies out.


Red Dead Redemption Review

May 27, 2010

Howdy partners and ladies I think. Now there isn’t many games that are solely based in the western time, but thats what Red Dead Redemption pretty much is, a game set in that time, in that location. Rockstar is famous with developing sandbox games that are packed with numerous features to do in them and this game is no different.

So you’re Mr John Marston who is arriving by ferry to the location of the man you seek, Bill Williamson. Upon arriving and a little trash talk goes on, you get shot and get left for dead. A character then by coincidence is riding past you and notices you lying on the floor about to meet death. She takes you back and patches you up. So the main plot of the story is to get revenge on what happened to you, but as you progress and the story develops and you will realise things aren’t as simple as you think. So that pretty much summarises this game’s plot.

This game is loaded with things to do as you progress through the story you will unlock more features. There are towns and ranches scattered around your world map which you can fully explore. Now since this is based on the same game engine as GTAIV, you can evidently expect some similarities between the two games. Instead of riding cars, you ride horses and yes, just in case you’re wondering you can steal horses. You can also purchase horses and the more expensive, the faster the horse. Controls are pretty much the same as GTA. You start off with only a pistol but then as you progress you find new weaponary. You can also purchase new & rare weapons from the shops scattered around the game. The game’s missions can get quite repetitive as they are basically travel from point A to point B, kill person at point B. Not always do you kill, but most missions that’s what you do. Missions do vary, from herding cattle to helping sheriffs with wagons or horse races etc. Although most of the time you travel one spot to the next, kill target, mission accomplished. Yet because of this games gameplay elements, it is really fun going around killing people and cleaning gang hideouts. If you kill lawmen, you will have a bounty on your head. The more you kill the more you will have to pay to clear your name or just give a pardon letter for forgivness. You can travel around the map in various methods, with your own horse, by a wagon taxi or you can set a camp site and basically teleport to where you want to go, plus last but not least you can also walk to your destination if you’re the romantic type.

Clearing missions will get you a small amount of money, honour and fame. Honour allows the people around you to know if you’re a good person or an evil person that has joined the darkside. If you’re good enough, prices of items in shops will be halved while if you’re evil, they will stay the same although if you go to an outlaws location, items will be halved at their shop. Fame will basically allow you to become more famous as you get jobs done. Stories of you will be in newspapers which you can purchase different issues as you progress with the story missions.

There is a hefty amount of side missions and side tasks to do in this game. Sometimes as you’re travelling, random encounters will be intiated such as a woman being chased by a man and you’ve got to stop him or a thief who stole items from a shop or a thief that stole a horse. Yet this is only a small amount of the random encounters that you…..encounter. Then there is the actual side missions. To initiate a side missions, you will need to speak to a person that will be displayed with a question mark (?) on your map.

Moving onto the side tasks you can do in this game, there is a huge amount that will allow you to branch away from the main story missions. You can go hunting for animals and sell them for money at stores. Animals vary from deers, skunks, rabbits, cougars, horses, dogs, chickens, elks, grizzly bears, boars, coyote and more. This side task will get you really attached to it as their are challenges that you can try out. Such as kill 4 birds on a moving train or kill 5 coyotes without taking any damage from them. You can also participate in a classic game of Blackjack or Poker. Yet there is Liars Dice. Liars Dice can get pretty addicting once you understand the basic rules of the game. You can also unlock outfits through out the game and each outfit will have its own benefits, although to unlock each outfit you will have to complete a number of tasks on the outfit’s checklist. There is also nightwatch missions where you follow around a dog and where he smells trouble you’ve got to run and keep everything under control. Last but not least, you can also arm wrestle, pretty cool isn’t it?

Then after you’re done with single player, you have online mode. Here you can play a number of modes such as the usual team deathmatch or capture the enemies bag and return it to your crate. You can also create a posse in free roam and take out gang hideouts or just mess around with your friends and kill some townsfolk and let the lawmen chase you. A ranking system is introduced online as you kill people or do certain objectives you will earn experience points which will gradually allow you to rank up and at each rank you will unlock new characters, weapons and the like to help you get to rank 50.

The voice acting as you would expect from Rockstar is great and so is the soundtrack. The game’s visuals are impressive for a sandbox game without any loading times. The only time this game load’s is when you trigger a mission or when you teleport to a location. If you’ve enjoyed GTA, you will enjoy this game as much as I have but I only have one complaint and that  is again the missions can get repetitive from time to time but other than that, the game’s excellent.


  • A great variety of side missions
  • Hunting
  • Great atmosphere and day and night cycle
  • Online is great


  • Game is not challenging and can feel too casual for the hardcore
  • Repetitive missions
  • No radio stations on horses



Top 10 Upcoming PS3 Games

May 8, 2010

The PS3 had one hell of a games line up in 2009. With E3 just around the corner I’m sure Sony has many surprises for its fans. Also who gives a shit about motion control? All this news about the Playstation Move and Natal is annoying. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to play games while just laying down on your bed or on a toilet seat? Modern gamers are stupid, so we’re taking it back old school with the top 10 upcoming PS3 games you can play with a JOYPAD!

10. Agent – Rockstar North

Not much is known about this game other than its developer and how it would be a similar sandbox game like the Grand Theft Auto series. When GTA was released Rockstar had said that they were restricted with how much content to include in GTAIV because of the Xbox 360. So Agent is like PS3’s GTA. I’m always looking forward to shooting up some hoes after everything is done and dusted. So Agent is a PS3 exclusive to keep a watch on. Agent earns itself a position at number 10 after ridding the world of some whores.

9. Modnation Racers – United Front Games

Ever felt like creating your own car and racing track then publishing it online and riding it with Nathan Drake or Kratos? Oh crap, well now you can. In this game you race and along the way you pick up weapons to use against your opponents. You can also customise your character, car, create your own race track and publish it online for others to race on. This game is a cross between LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart. Plus this big daddy is being released very soon, so be sure to check it out. Oh and one last thing, you can expect a shit load of downloadable content for this game just like LBP. From characters to racing tracks. After shooting its way through with rockets, this game nabs 9th place.

8. Dead Space 2 – EA Redwood Shores

The previous game was one of the top survival horror games to be released this generation. With the sequal confirmed to be released in April 2011. The game seems to take place in a city rather than on just a ship this time around. The developers also have confirmed that the game will have new weapons and much better death scenes. They’ve also confirmed that Isaac’s armor will all look completely different, unlike the previous game where more metal plates where placed on each armor and only the last one being completely different. The developer still hasn’t confirmed if coop will be included in this game as of yet. Hopefully the final boss battle would be more epic and not only will it be slamming its tentacles down and you just strafe left and right to dodge them. Also hopefully we don’t have to fight a vagina again but maybe a penis? Only time will tell. Isaac plasma blasts 8th place.

7. Gran Turismo 5 – Polyphony Digital

The 5 edition to the highly acclaimed racing simulator. Now this game sells in millions and millions of copies around the word. It’s one of the most realistic and enjoyable racing simulators out there. With a make up over do, the cars and tracks look more realistic than ever! Also we have a game with most of the latest cars and a game that’s been in development for such a long period of time, it’s on the verge of being released sometime this year. Also a couple of days ago the game was said to be 90% complete, so this game will be racing to store shelves very soon. Expect Sony to announce a PS3 bundle with Gran Turismo 5. This title is sure as hell to make Sony big buck buck bucks! This game reaches the finish line at 7th place.

6. Fallout: New Vegas – Obsidian

If you were a fan of Fallout 3 you will most likely already know this game has been in development for quite a while now.  Ever wanted to gamble in Fallout 3? Well now you can, with the developer promising the choices you make will have a heftier price to pay and new gameplay features. This is definitely an RPG to look out for. The game takes place 3 years after the events of Fallout 3. So there could be some similarities in the story. The game is still set in post-apocalyptic times where nearly everything is pretty much destroyed and what you see is just the aftermath. Also the famous radio stations should be back in this one, so I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to set a flame in 6th place.

5. LittleBigPlanet 2 – Media Molecule

A very innovative game is about to get a sequel and MM is promising lots of new features such as the player won’t just be restricted to creating only platformer levels, but now can create shooters, RPG’s, adventure and other genres in gaming. With that said, think about all the possibilities that can be created in LBP2. Also all DLC content from the previous game will be transferred to the new one. What is even better is that this game is slated for a 2010 release. What’s even funnier is that this game was only confirmed a couple of hours ago. Hopefully slapping people can be more brutal this time round. Sackboy creates his way to the 5th spot.

4. Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Square Enix

If you are a PS3 owner and was let down by FFXIII, then you still have hope to feed your RPG hunger once this game is released. With the Kingdom Hearts team working on this , it really looks promising. Also this game won’t be downgraded to fit the 360’s capabilities as it’s a PS3 exclusive. So this game will pretty much prove how FFXIII should have looked or how much the game could have offered at the end of the day. Once this game is released, we will truly know how much the 360 held back FFXIII.

3. The Last Guardian – Team Ico

If you were ever a fan of Ico or Shadow of The Colossus you will know what to expect from Team Ico. A game that brings something new to the table. Something that’s innovative and something that a game that no other has done before it. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, you get to either control a little boy that takes care of a large god knows what sort of species it is or the god knows what species it is takes care of you. Not much in terms of gameplay features have been revealed for this game as of yet, but you should definitely expect this title to be at E3. Also if you’re a true gamer you wouldn’t care what kind of game this is, you should purchase it just because it’s by Team Ico.  The Last Guardian nabs 3rd place.

2. Infamous 2 – Sucker Punch

With Sony just grabbing the Infamous 2 domain a couple of days ago, this pretty much confirms this game is on its way. The first game was a truly a great new IP and I played both as evil and good and they were very entertaining. It will be interesting to see what kind of are direction the developers will be taking on with Infamous 2. Will you be able to carry on with the same powers as the first game? Will there be much more side features to do this time around in the city? All will be confirmed very soon!

1. Killzone 3 – Guerrilla Games

Yes I know this game hasn’t even been announced yet but it’s common sense that it will be announced very soon seeing all the rumous floating around about it, it seems that we may very well get this game sooner than we think. I’m going to take a wild guess and say this game will be showcased at this years E3 and we will be once again blown away just like how Killzone 2 blew everyone away once they saw the demo play on screen. The story of ISA VS Helghans shall continue, hh and I hope Rico dies in the first 10 minutes of Killzone 3, damn that character is annoying as hearing announcements about Natal & PS Move! The Helghan empire VEKTAPEDIA are No.1!