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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

July 28, 2011

First off let’s begin by saying this is not a direct port over from the N64 version. This version of Ocarina of Time is packed with new features and visually is stunning to play in 3D. Nintendo have granted us a modern version of OCT and it’s by far the better version. Fans of the N64 version will not be disappointed.

In OCT 3D, nearly everything is an improvement over the original game. The graphics, animation, character models and the gameplay. The 3 dimensional graphics does add a whole new level to the stunning visuals this game has shown. Glittering dust floating in the Lost Woods to the starts in the cutscenes. You have to experience it to understand, it’s very impressive.

Some of the noticeable improvements over the original are features such as the maps becoming clearer, items can be equipped far more efficiently, and Navi is less annoying. Equipping items is less difficult this time with the touch screen. Also when aiming with your boomeranrg, bow & arrow and hookshot, you can either use the directional pad to aim at your desired location or use motion controls. I actually found the motion controls easier and more accurate to use than the directional controls.

The dungeons or locations haven’t changed although you would think so with the graphical upgrade. Also with the Iron Boots being less difficult to equip you can now embrace how easier the Water Temple has become or any other dungeon that requires equipping items for that matter. What I realised and remembered is this is one of the games that doesn’t hold your hand and instructs you on what you have to do in dungeons. The process is you enter a dungeon and it’s up to you to figure everything out. Many games have turned away from this forumla to allow more casual players to be introduced. This game does use a hint system but these are found in certain places. You will need to find Shiekah or gossip stones and that’s how you activate a hint in OCT 3D. The downside is sometimes you could get stuck and have no idea where you should go next because if you forget to perform even a small event it will stop you from proceeding on in the story.

Death is still the same, no checkpoint system has been introduced unless you trigger an event. If you die in a dungeon, it means you will need to start the whole dungeon over, this will leave players being more vigilant while journeying into dungeons. No autosave feature has been introduced either. Exploration is still the same with no fast travel, no teleportation, so if you want to travel to a certain location you will have to get there either by walking or by riding on a horse called Epona.

Extra easter eggs, and an all new Master Quest will definitely mean more replay value. Upon completing the game, you will have the option of journeying through Master Quest. This option will make your adventure much more difficult. The world will be mirrored, enemies stronger and items could be more difficult to find even if you have played the game numerous times before. Also another added bonus is you can replay all boss fights and if you’re looking for a challenge, you could face all the bosses in one gruesome fight and see how far you can survive.

My only problem with the game was the camera. The camera can be very annoying at times during battles or especially in boss battles, yet this game has many positives about it and it won’t take away from the games experience but it does get annoying when battling large enemies.

Ocarina of Time 3D is a welcome remake to the legendary series and it’s a very impressive title in itself. It’s as addicting, fun and memorable as it was back then but even better this time round.



Top Most Wanted Games Of 2011

August 11, 2010

Once 2011 begins, mankind will only have one more year remaining until….the end of the world. Within mankind’s final year, a huge blow out of highly anticipated games are going to be released. Some are new I.P’s while some are sequels. Some you’ve never heard of  while some are more famous than bread on a stick (wait is that even famous?). Gentlemen & ladies (gentlemen first), allow me to introduce to you the most wanted games of 2011!

Homefront – PS3, 360, PC – Kaos Studio

Homefront is a first person shooter set in 2027 where America is actually invaded for once in a game by South Korea. The game takes place in what looks like after the war, as America looks decimated!

Kaos Studios promises emotional depth characters, huge explosions and an interactive free roaming world. In the demo you’re taken to a survivor encampment called Oasis. The area is peaceful but one mistake and all hell could break loose. The area has a school and a children’s playground, yet it’s swarming with men patrolling the area with guns. Homefront will also have multiplayer but the developer wishes not to discuss its plans at this time. All that is known about multiplayer is that will be somewhat similar to the likes of Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s MP.

Killzone 3 – PS3 EXCLUSIVE – Guerrilla Studios

“But if there are those who deny us peace, refuse us our rightful place in the universe, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn….cry out in anguish.” Good old Visari, too bad he won’t be back but Killzone 3 will be. Killzone 3 is already shaping up to be best looking FPS out there. New features such as the jet pack have been confirmed and developer Guerilla have showcased the game in a variety of different environments rather than the overused grey & dark environment. Plus if you’re a rich fellow, you can play this game in 3D!

Infamous 2 – PS3 EXCLUSIVE – Sucker Punch

Cole is back and not only with electricity, but with also ice powers….groovy. Not much really has been confirmed on the game other than the game itself of course. Cole was redesigned by Sucker Punch to a gayer Cole, why Sucker Punch, why? The voice actor has been changed. Why Sucker Punch, why? Yet from the amount of complaints Sucker Punch was punched at, they have returned everything back to normal. Bald Cole is back. Why Sucker Punch, why? (just kidding).

Dead Space 2 – PC, PS3, 360 – Visceral Games

One of the most scariest games of this generation is back and it’s time to kick some Necromorph ass with new weapons and this time around it will take place in a city. Is it just me or has Isaac lost some weight? He’s either pumping iron with the Necromorphs or maybe from the amount of times he has shit his pants? The game will have more death animations, plus the setting will vary and it won’t all take place on a spaceship. Isaac still makes stupid noises in his suit (my favourite feature in Dead Space).

Rage – PS3, PC, 360 – id Software

Yep, another apocalyptic themed game, but could this better the almighty Fallout? Visually it already has coming from the developers that brought you Quake and Doom this isn’t surprising with the game’s visuals being hand painted. Set in an open apocalyptic world with a wide variety of enemies, it seems like id Software are developing another classic. The enemies in this game keep the player on their toes as they try to outmaneuver you. One thing you wouldn’t know is this game isn’t an FPS oriented game but also a racer, so be sure to keep track of this game for more twists. Plus this little baby won numerous awards at this year’s E3, being the best game at the show.

The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword – Wii EXCLUSIVE – Nintendo

Play any Zelda game and you’re guaranteed to be wearing green and throwing a boomerang some point in the game. With this game, the controls have been revamped and now you have more control over Link’s sword than ever before. You can hypnotize enemies by drawing a circle around your them with your sword. Bombs are rolled in a bowling motion and whips can be whipped by moving your control in a…whipping motion. By the end of it, you will weigh as much as Link because this game should be called The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Calorie Burner.

Portal 2 – PS3, PC, 360 – Valve

“There was even going to be a party for you. A big party, that all of your friends were invited to. I invited your best friend, ‘the Companion Cube’. Of course, he couldn’t come, because you murdered him.”

Aren’t we all glad Portal 2 is being developed and we can memorize the script again in hope it would be as memorable as the first one? Portal 2 takes place 50 years after Glados dies (when your dead I’ll be still alive). A new feature in Portal 2 is coop. Now you have another player that can help you work out puzzles and help you progress through the game. New mechanics such as Weighted Storage Cubes, Aerial Faith Plates and more have been introduced.

And yes, our beloved Companion Cube is back.

Neverdead  – PS3, 360 – Rebellion

In most games, once you lose your limbs it’s over, but not in Neverdead because you’re already dead. You play as a character who is immortal and once one of your limbs is sliced off your body, it will affect the way you have to play and need to start being tactful. What’s even better is that once one your limbs is sliced off, you can go over to it and stick it back on. Sounds gruesome doesn’t it? No one is really sure how you can die in this game just yet, but my guess is that once you lose all your limbs, it’s game over even for an immortal.

Oh and losing your head doesn’t seem much of a problem as you get to play on, although we still don’t understand how just yet.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – PS3, 360, PC – Eidos Montreal

There is a very fat chance that this could very well be next years Game of The Year! Its predecessor was a true successor and a classic. Alpha Protocol tried to take its crown but failed miserably. The game has been in development for years, so you can bet your asses this is going to be up there with its elder brother, although the game is actually a prequel to the first Dues Ex. The game will pretty much be just like the first one, where you have a wide variety of different ways to completing a mission. Using stealth or go out all guns blazing or maybe, just maybe you can talk it out with the soldiers?

Twisted Metal – PS3 EXCLSUIVE – Eat, Sleep, Play

Twisted Metal is back baby! What’s even better is now we can finally play this game online with 16 players without it lagging as shit! With online game modes and ranking up, this game looks as crazy as any game can get. Also for the very first time, there will be air vehicles so you can expect more carnage this time around. Also a new online mode called Nuke is being introduced. In this mode, each faction will need to destroy their opponents statue with nuclear powered missiles, by capturing team leaders.  The game has only been announced so not much else is really known about it, as it still seems to be early in development.

Bodycount – PS3, 360 – Codemasters

Be prepared for huge explosions and body counts like you’ve never seen before. Be prepared for….Bodycount.  Everyone remembers how impressive Black was on the PS2? Well hopefully we will be as impressed once this baby is released. This shooter is not about realism, it’s more about the player having fun blowing up and taking things to the absolute extreme. It’s more about causing an explosion and walking away slowly while your back is to it.  The story behind the game is your dropped from a plane and into a war zone in Africa. You’re ordered to annihilate everyone in sight!

What’s your most wanted game of 2011? Post it in the comment section.

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Top Video Game Developers

June 21, 2010

Many game companies have been in the gaming industry but which game companies are worth a mention? Well here’s a list of the top game companies out there.

Clover Studios

Now these top dogs deserve a place because of making Okami. Not many games allow you to play as a god, but in Okami you get to play as Amaterasu. Amaterasu is a white wolf who has to restore light back in the darkened areas of Nippon. The game is a mix between, action, platform and puzzles. You also use the Celestial brush to execute attacks, draw bridges and much more! I remember the time where you are free to draw a face on a piece of paper and stick it on your face, you then roam around an ice cave with a piece of paper with your drawing on it, stuck on your face.


Now these guys have been making some really awesome RPG’s lately. Take the Persona series for instance. I’d rather play that than any Final Fantasy that has been out within the last 5 years. They’ve also made a 2D RPG called Odin Sphere, which is another very addicting game. The persona series and Odin Sphere win this developer a spot on this list.


One of my favourite developers of all time. They’ve been making games for years, from football to the Metal Gear Solid series. This developer did not lose the plot like Capcom and Square Enix have this generation. This developer has delivered us games such as the Metal Gear Solid series, the Pro Evolution series, The Zone of the Enders series and some memorable DS games such as The World Ends With You (my favourite DS game). Also how about one of the greatest RPG series, Suikoden or maybe the classic game Contra?

Square Enix

This developer has really lost its touch this generation but we can never forget the classic games it made in the previous generation such as Final Fantasy I to X. FFX in my opinion was the final FF that was actually good. The rest were pretty boring, especially the worst one in the series FFXIII. They’ve also developed one of my favourite game series, Kingdom Hearts. Who would have thought Square Enix characters would be with Disney characters in one game? Well they are in this series. Lots of people talk about how the series seems childish, but I tell them to eat shit and die. What about the classic Chrono Trigger? It was also remade on the DS and it still was addicting to replay after all these years!

Santa Monica Studios

These bad boys brought us the God of War series and what a classic game that is. They were able to make Kratos’s character come to life with the latest installment in the series God of War III. They’ve also helped in developing another excellent online game which I’m sure you’ve all heard of, Warhawk. A game where you can use vehicles and run around spraying and praying. You have to give these guys credit for bringing these two perfect titles to the PS3.


One of the most respected and reputable game companies around. Come on, we all know Nintendo’s first party exclusives always turn out to be awesome. The recent Super Mario Galaxy 2 proves so! Nintendo was the company/developer that pretty much drove the gaming industry in the right direction. By introducing characters such as Mario, Kirby, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Samus! We all know how much we played on our Nintendo’s and SNES back when we were young. No matter what direction Nintendo takes forward, they will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Plus it introduced us to the Gameboy and along came with it another classic game Tetris.

They also made Wii Sports…..


What happened to Sonic? Doesn’t matter because the Sonic games were indeed really enjoyable back at the time where Mario was released. Sega and Nintendo used to be though competitors as both companies had a range of excellent titles. Anyone remembers Shenmue? Powerstone? ChuChu Rocket? Sonic Adventure? Although the Dreamcast failed in sells but it was one hell of a console. It was also one of the first consoles to introduce online gaming.


These guys have lost respect from me and many gamers through out the years especially because of how much they love money! Then again I remember myself playing Street Fighter II on the SNES when I was 6 years old and I forgive them. From games such as Resident Evil, Marvel VS Capcom and Street Fighter, this game’s company has left its mark in the gaming industry although it has been losing its touch this generation.


These guys took sandbox games to another level with the Grand Theft Auto series. Nudity, drugs, violence you name it. Every game they create is controversial. Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Warriors and who can forget about the very violent Manhunt? Who knew that killing people with plastic bags can be fun or maybe slicing someone’s throat with a piece of glass. They also developed another classic game called Max Payne. A game that introduced slow motion bullet time during gameplay.


Aperture science. We do what we must because….we can. A games company that brought you games such as Half Life, Portal, Day of Defeat & Counter Strike. The longest game I played in my life was Counter Strike: Source. If I remember correctly I played that shit for around 2 years and wouldn’t get bored of it. The best adventure I had in first person shooters was when playing Half Life 2. Being Freeman and killing crabs with the crowbar, it can’t get better than this.

Okay let’s go.


This company will always be remembered for the awesome games it brought to the arcades such as Space Invaders, Pac Man and the fighting game Tekken. The company has died down along the years but it doesn’t mean it will be forgotten especially if the first games you played were on the Atari. Space Invaders with a huge joystick brings back memories.

Team Ico

The most innovative company in my opinion. These guys brought us only 2 games. Ico and Shadow of The Colossus. These 2 games brought new gameplay elements to the gaming industry and now every gamer would expect a game that’s totally different to the competition each time they are developing one. Now every gamer out there is anxiously anticipating The Last Guardian which without a doubt will be another great title to play.

Naughty Dog

Who doesn’t love these guys? If you were young when these guys were around you must have played Crash Bandicoot or the spin-off racing games or Jak & Daxter or Uncharted 2, which is game of year, of the year, of the year. These guys have been only improving since they’ve made Crash. A highly respected games company and who knows what they’re working on right now. Maybe Uncharted 3?


One game, World of Warcraft. I’m not much of a fan of MMO’s but this game must have made Blizzard a shit load of money and still is. Yet they still have previous games such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. Many games that PC gamers all around the world continue playing till this very day. Yet every now and then this games company will release an expansion pack for World of Warcraft so the experience never dies out.


E3 2010: The good, the bad and the ugly

June 19, 2010

Hello ladies and gentlemen and gamers. We all each year unite at the time of E3 anticipating if any new hardware or games are to be revealed. I’ll be talking about the major highlights of the event and I will definitely talk about the major disappointments, such as the rumoured PSP2 was non-existant.

The Ugly

Microsoft’s Kinect. If anyone watched the very disappointing Microsoft conference you would know. A demonstration with a virtual tiger and a girl were shown, demonstrating some of Kinect’s features. Ever felt like you want to play skipping with a baby tiger? Well now you can for a £135. Oh wait, you will also need a 360 with that or Kinect would be useless. There also has been reports that Kinect is laggy and not as precise as one could think. Also Microsoft didn’t even have one secret weapon up its sleeve, not even one. By far, Microsoft had the worst conference at this year’s event and I can’t believe I actually continued to watch it.

An Xbox 360 Slim was also shown at E3, yet it didn’t seem to have lost much weight from the original. I guess Microsoft didn’t make a good diet plan along the span of 4 years. Yet the colour of the 360 has gone back to black and rather than getting the Red Ring of Death you will be introduced with the Red Dot of Death this time around. The slim has been confirmed to still scratch discs if the console is moved while the disc is still running. Overheating problems have yet to surface as the console hasn’t been released as of yet. WiFi is now ready from the get go on the slim and another plus is that it makes less noise than its predecessor, although it still uses the same hardware as the last 360 that has been plagued with overheating problems, what the hell is Microsoft thinking?! The console will be available on July 16th for £199.99.

On a sidenote, does anyone remember what the baby tiger’s name is, in the Kinect demo?

The Bad

As much as I like Sony their conference was pretty disappointing too. Only one new PS3 exclusive was revealed (Twisted Metal) and I’m not counting the game where you’re Harry Potter, Sorcery. I don’t understand why Sony announced all its big games before E3. Tt basically uses  the conference to promote the PlayStation Move as much as it can and to show its the next big thing this generation. The PlayStation Move is a device where it can motion capture your actions and basically display them on-screen. Many upcoming games will be integrating the PS Move such as Killzone 3. The PS Move was being showcased and talked about for the most part of the conference and even after Sony moved on to revealing some games, it revealed the games that will be integrated to the god damn PS Move. After the PS Move was moved offstage it was time for Sony to showcase some games, so guess what happens?! EA comes on stage and start showcasing their games. This is one of the first times Sony gets a 3rd party company to come and discuss their exclusive plans and promote their games at E3 on stage. I guess it was worth seeing the very awesome Dead Space 2 video. They announced that Dead Space 2 will have the Wii game Dead Space: Extraction only with the PS3 version, with the new Medal of Honor coming with a remastered MoH: Frontlines (my favourite MoH). So if you want 2 extra full games, make sure you purchase the PS3 version of both games. Very good deal, so be on the look out for that.

Playstation Plus was then unveiled with what exclusive features, I mean exclusive content you will be getting if you subscribe for £50 a year. You will basically get:

  • Exclusive content
  • Invites to game betas
  • Receive discount on items at the PS store
  • Receive a free downloadable game each month
  • Other useless things

The downside is that there isn’t very much difference and in my opinion it isn’t worth dashing £50 each year on a service that does not bring anything new to the table such as the many features that gamers have been waiting for since the PS3 has been released, cross game chat anyone? Since this new service is being introduced, there won’t be any features taken away from the original PSN service. Everything that is available right now will still remain available. PlayStation Plus will be available worldwide on June 29th

The Good

Who would have thought it, the Nintendo conference was by far the most entertaining of the 3. With many exclusive games revealed such as a new Zelda, Kirby and more surprisingly some new hardware! The Nintendo 3DS took E3’s spotlight. It’s basically a Nintendo DS with a new analogue stick and 3 camera lenses that will allow you to take pictures of yourself and import them into the game. This way you can play as yourself in 3D without the need of 3D glasses! That’s right, play 3D games without the stupid looking glasses that make your life so dark when watching 3D movies.

Another big surprise was a fat bastard (Gabe Newell) coming on stage during Sony’s conference to confirm that Portal 2 will be heading over to the PS3. Valve finally decided to develop games on the PS3? Also the rumoured Twisted Metal has finally been confirmed and some of the game modes were shown. They looked really fun to play and the game didn’t seem to distance itself from the destruction and dark humour that made the previous games in the series enjoyable.

The Nintendo conference also had hot models roaming around showcasing the 3DS. Nintendo by doing this automatically bags E3 2010.

On a sidenote who is everyone with in the World Cup?

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