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White Knight Chronicles II Review

July 28, 2011

If you’re a big fan of JRPG’s you would know they haven’t really lived up to expectations this generation. Compared to the amount of  how many were released during the last generation but when compared to this generations amount, you would easily realise that JRPG’s are on a downfall. So White Knight Chronicles II comes along exclusively to the PS3 but is it good enough to warrant a purchase? Let’s find out.

The story of WKCII is weak or just average. Nothing spectacular. You start off with a 40 minute introduction which drags on really because you don’t get a tutorial and seems like you’re dropped in the middle of the story not knowing what’s going on and with skill points to add to your characters. If you’ve never played a JRPG you will find this part of the game complicating because it doesn’t hold your hand and tell you everything that you need to know. Although you do get the first game on the same disc meaning if you’ve played the first or start with playing the first game you will understand most of the games mechanics. Mostly everything you need to find out will have to be done by yourself. Also each section is split into mini sections just like most JRPG games and at the end of it is a boss or that’s how you progress with the story, with a few branching paths that may lead to a treasure or just a different method to reach your destination. The game is linear to some degree, but not as much as say FFXIII.

The gameplay is what makes this game. It’s really fun to progress and make your character stronger by leveling them up, increasing their guild rank, learning new abilities and hunting for bounties. The game is packed with content, online and single player. Hundred of hours can be put into this game which is the reason why I needed a couple of weeks to write a review for this game, it’s really that big.

The battling itself is not exactly turn based but some what similar. You hit an enemy and wait for a circular bar to fill up until you can then proceed with another attack. You’re limited by what skills you can choose from depending on your level, mp and other character attributes. You have a number of quick access bars that you can choose from. With these you can attach your most used skills and abilities to access them more efficiently during battles. You control only one character during battle but can switch characters in case you want to use one of their skills at a specific moment during a fight. Also true to its name you can evidently transform to a White Knight right from the get go of the game, but the character you’ve created will not be able to transform right from the start. Only one of your allies will be able to.

Online in WKCII is much like a completely different game. You can journey with a friend/stranger together and complete quests together to increase your guild rank and make your character even stronger than before. Online is packed and I mean literally packed with hundreds of quests to complete and choose from. Unique items to purchase and other various features. I mean you can spend hours without even realising. It’s really fun to play with people online and while time flies you will realise it’s past your bedtime.

The games visuals are really great and you will spend most of your time in more natural looking locations rather than cities with the latest technology & skyscrapers. Games rarely tend to do this. Each town has numerous things to do and you can spend hours doing the sidequests in each town.

The voice acting itself isn’t anything spectacular but it does work but the music in the game is addicting and you will find yourself humming it even while not playing the game.

To fully experience this game, you need to play this game more than you would play a usual game. To summarise WKCII it has a lot sidequests, awesome online mode, great battling system and gameplay but a very weak story. So if you’re looking for a great JRPG to consume your time in until the next big JRPG then look no further because WKCII is one of the best JRPG’s to have been released this generation.



inFAMOUS 2 Review

July 28, 2011

Sucker Punch’s Cole Mcgrath is back and while inFAMOUS was a new successful title that took everyone by surprise, the million dollar question is how does inFAMOUS 2 scale after 2 years? Is doing the same thing you did 2 years back still fun or has it become a repetitive chore for any player to play as a super hero?

inFAMOUS 2 takes us straight into the action where The Beast is already destroying Empire City. The story is still told through an animated style comic, which suits the mood of inFAMOUS 2. We were shown a vision of the future by Kessler in inFAMOUS. Cole tries battling with The Beast but to no avail your powers are too weak and they get drained so you become even weaker. You then set off to New Marais with a new assistant named Kuo, a girl who will have a major part to play later on in the game. Once you arrive at New Marais you must head to Dr.Wolfes lab and talk to him about getting your powers stronger enough to defeat The Beast before he reaches New Marais.

Gameplay was what made inFAMOUS very fun and engaging and inFAMOUS 2 makes it that much better, with new powers, faster Cole, better gliding and nearly everything has been improved other than Cole’s voice. inFAMOUS 2 still plays exactly like how inFAMOUS did but that isn’t exactly a bad thing. Change isn’t always good. Cole can unlock powers by either completing story missions, side missions or using his powers on enemies. What has been improved vastly over the original game is the melee. Cole at the beginning of the game is given a weapon called the AMP and I found myself using melee very often thanks to the nice slow motion effect as the weapon is used. It’s actually really fun to use after unlocking all the moves for it. Blast Shards are also back but aren’t anywhere as difficult as collecting in the previous game due to one of Cole’s new powers that can be unlocked later on in the game. New enemies which are more difficult than conduits have been introduced. Also the bosses in this game are huge when compared to the last.

You’re still given the ability to choose if you would like to play evil or good but this doesn’t exactly effect much in the story at all but only how civilians react towards you. Play evil and they will come and try to beat the living hell out of you on the streets but play as good and they actually do help and beat down on anyone that attacks you. Playing good or evil will give you karma based powers, with each karma having a different set of powered abilities, this boosts the games replay value and will want to make the player, play again to see the alternative ending and experience the different powers and different missions you can play.

The city of New Marais has more variety than Empire City. New Marais has a swamp and a flooded area which you will see Cole begin to dance if he steps into a shallow part of the landscape containing any sort of water. Also the amount of destruction that can happen on the screen at once is really impressive. Numerous explosions and enemies doing there own thing makes this game more action packed than the original.

Also Sucker Punch now allows players to create their own missions and upload them for players around the world to experience. These missions are shown on your map just like a story mission but will be coloured in green. Also there is a filter option to filter what sort of missions you would like to show up. Creating a mission is not simple but not easy either since there is basically no tutorial to help you through it step by step. So to create your perfect missions it will mean you will need to play around with the creation feature of the game.

inFAMOUS 2 is not perfect with the camera being sometime a hassle when in interior buildings and the game is yet to be challenging at all. Hard difficulty isn’t really hard and Cole still sticks on to ledges like super glue when you’re not trying to hold a ledge.

inFAMOUS 2 is a fun and engaging game to play. Completing everything will take you around 20 hours and that’s not counting the endless possibilities of playing the UGC missions players have created or you can spend countless hours creating your perfect mission. inFAMOUS 2 does everything and better than the original, with a lot of variety and replay value makes this title a must have for any PS3 owner.