Portal 2 VS Mortal Kombat. FIGHT!

April 15, 2011

With both games being released on the same day, which one will you be purchasing? Will you be supporting team Aperture Science or Team MK? A very hard decision indeed.

Aperture Science team, this is what you’re up against.

Mortal Kombat is one of the most famous beat em up games to ever be created in this universe, although it did go down hill with MK VS DC and watered down violence wasn’t acceptable so Mortal Kombat has gone back to its roots with violence and gore being the main feast. Also top fighters making a return such as Noob Saibot and surprisingly Team MK has sent out an invitation to the God of War himself Kratos which he graciously accepted. Stages and mini games from the first MK are making a return and if you were ever a fan of the Krypt you will be happy to know it has made a return. The Krypt is used more like a unlockable shop but you can’t see the content you are purchasing with in game coins. You pick a casket and spend your earned in game coins and whatever comes out of the casket is your prize (evidently). Fatalities & Babalities are more violent and umm more…..cuter than ever?

 Portal 2 is a sequel to the highly acclaimed…..Portal. Every scientist is ready for this game baby because it will rock! The first game was a first person shooter with mind dazzling puzzles. You have a gun and guess what your gun shoots out? Yes, portals. The game is set to have up to 19 tests for you to solve during the main storyline although I’m sure there will be more gameplay outside of the testing facility. Also with a coop feature being introduced in Portal 2 you can now shoot portals at your friends & piss off strangers if you’re into that sort of thing (maybe shooting portals on the ground while they’re trying to help you out? Hey, just saying).

Be sure everyone to comment on which game you will be purchasing and why in our comment system below.


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