The Nintendo 3DS

April 6, 2011

Come and join us in 3D!

The Nintendo 3DS is finally upon us and with it all the hype and all the questions we may now rest in peace because the 3DS defines history. Playing games on a handheld console with 3D graphics in the palm of your hand, without the need for the awful glasses. No one would have thought a technological leap would have come so soon until the 3DS arrived. The 3DS also brings better WiFi capability and a new creative way for game developers to introduce new ideas in their games using the 3DS features.

The 3DS features a new analogue stick which introduces a new flexible way to play your games rather than the old diagonal-pad (DPAD). The anticipated handheld also allows you to not only play in mind blowing 3D but to also play in 2D whenever you would like to kick back to old school. The handheld is currently only available in 2 colours in the U.K, aqua blue and cosmos black. From the day of release, the 3DS will have more than 10 video games and more launch titles available to play. Classics such as The N64 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to DS classics such as Nintendogs will be available from the get go.

The million dollar question is, is the 3DS worth purchasing? The answer to that is an assuring yes. The 3DS doesn’t only use the latest 3D technology but also manages to use it in a very effective way that will make you not want to put it down. Action games become more intense, arcade games become more fun and sports games become more realistic and cooking games become…..more 3D? What handheld can let you cook cake in 3D? The one and only 3DS ladies and gentlemen.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your local store and pick one up now, do not cease the chance of baking cakes in awesome 3D.


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