Top Game Music/Songs Part II

March 31, 2011

We’re back for some more music everyone! If you all remember a couple of days ago I did Top Game Music/Songs Part I and now it’s time for part 2 baby! Lets get on with the show!

Loco Roco 2 Theme (PlayStation Portable)

What are they even saying? Who cares it sounds good. Loco Roco is one of the first games to use its own language. A language that no one understands but sounds really good. You want some lyrics for this song? Here you go:

Bajumbo moi noi noi jecker dabatto bunkergait jun jun. Nora juerue-rotto pura-pura petto puraret dum dum. Understand anything, no? So didn’t I but it’s awesome to listen to.

God of War III – Rage of Sparta (PS3)

Do not, I repeat do not piss Kratos off or you will be hearing Rage of Sparta. This music brought a great sense of the atmosphere to the player with Kratos killing and putting an end to each god one by one.

So prepare for KRATOS!

Kingdom Hearts II – Friends In My Heart (PS2)

Really saddening music. This sort of music makes you reminiscent all the friends that have come, gone in the past and the ones that remain will truly be in your heart….by now. This music is played when Sora is reunited with Riku.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Fist Fury (PS2)

Time for some happy music again. If anyone played GTA:VC they would know it had one of the best game soundtracks to ever be in a game. Well here is a song and band that Rockstar created purely just for this game!

I flocked school cause I’m hardcore!

Kingdom Hearts – One Winged Angel (PS2)

The battle with Sephiroth is one of the most difficult yet most satisfying. What makes it even better is the One Winged Angel music that’s playing simultaneously. One Winged Angel music to gamers is what Eye of The Tiger is to boxer, I’ll let you figure that one out if I know what the hell I’m talking about.

Tetris – Theme – (Gameboy)

Put on your dance shoes and let’s start dancing! Who can remember playing this on their huge Gameboy’s? Putting shapes (well not really shapes) into alignment to make one horizontal line. Very addictive music and very addictive game. Don’t be afraid to try it out as it has aged very well.

The World Ends With You – Calling (Nintendo DS)

One of the most under rated games and soundtrack. This was in my opinion one of the best under appreciated games on the Nintendo DS and so was the soundtrack. The soundtrack itself could blow you away and this is just or a DS game. If you haven’t played this game yet make sure you buy it right now, you will fall in love with it and its soundtrack. Especially Calling as it’s one of the most over used tunes in the game but I ain’t complaining.

Shadow of The Colossus – Dear Life (PS2)

I said this once and I say it again, Shadow of The Colossus has one of the best OST ever to be created for a game. Each piece of music sounds better than the rest. The one’s I’ve put up in part I and II are favourites. Hope you enjoy fighting the Colossi or hasn’t everyone done that years ago? Well hope everyone is ready for it on PS3!

That’s all for now. Maybe there might be a third part, but we shall see. Be sure to drop down in the comment what your favourite music is.


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