Top Game Music/Songs Part I

March 28, 2011

Hey everyone, it has been a very long time since I’ve last updated this blog and I won’t create a lame excuse to make you feel sorry for me (which you won’t anyway).  Just been lazy but all I ask is for your forgiveness gamers. All I ask is for forgiveness (which you won’t give anyway).

So there’s the boring part over and done with. I will today present to you, some of the top,  most inspirational music and songs that have been created during the years I’ve been gaming, which has been quite a while now. Please be sure to participate as I love to engage with the community as much as possible and have debates about the most interesting subject ever, gaming. If you’re either a casual or a hardcore gamer, we are one. If you’re a 360, PS3, Wii fan, let me say again, we’re one! We are gamers! So let us stand and what the hell is wrong with me, over with the show.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater – Snake Eater (PlayStation 2)

What a thrill this song really is, isn’t it? Who ever hates this song, they should hide under a cardboard box! This song is first encountered in the introduction of MGS3: Snake Eater. Hideo Kojima did a really great job with this game, but not just that, as you can see the music itself can very much enhance the overall experience of the game. You think of the game Snake Eater, you think of the song also.

Shadow of The Colossus – The Opened Way (PlayStation 2)

Hey! Look guys, the composer that only has one letter different to my surname, Kow Otani. Now if you have played Shadow of The Colossus you would understand how much of a beautiful score it has. Not only is it a unique blend of various of games put together but it just has something that will make you always remember it. Recent games have been trying to do this but none are really leaving you with what Shadow of The Colossus would have left you with. That’s questions and some happy memories. Now this song first begins while you’re battling your first Colossi. Really adds that intensity to the battle and I couldn’t think of more perfect music other than this to be played during that moment.

Is it just me or does this song just make you want to punch someone’s light out?

Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved (PlayStation 2)

How could something so simple be yet so effective I wonder? Well Yoko Shimomura proved this by just creating Dearly Beloved. You’re first introduced to it as you enter the Kingdom Hearts menu. Very calming and relaxing music. Maybe this type of music should be played on a beautiful sunny day at the beach eating Sea Salt ice cream? And for those who’s hearts are filled with darkness, screw you!

The Legend of Zelda Theme (N64, Gamecube, Wii, DS)

So everyone, after hearing that who is ready to go on an adventure? Pack your sword, fill up your hearts and don’t forget your boomerang. One of the best theme songs in gaming you will ever hear. Very inspirational to hear this before you set out a goal you want to achieve or maybe play it while making a speech? It can be used in many ways such as while setting sail, before getting busted doing something wrong, as an alarm clock to school and even maybe while pouring cereal for breakfast?

Portal – Still Alive (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

I’m making a note here. Huge success. Come on, who doesn’t enjoy this? Whoever has played this game would know if the cake was a lie or was it? That will always remain a mystery or will it? OK—I—WAS—-JUST—KIDDING—I—DIDN’T—WANT—TO—CONFUSE—YOU—BUT—EVEN—WHEN—YOU’RE—CONFUSED—I’M—STILL—ALIVE! Wow, were we just invaded there? Anyway, yes one of the most hilarious but very catchy songs to ever get into your head. Hey you guys angry because of what I did above? Well while your angry I’ll be ‘still alive’.

Metal Gear Solid – Alert Phase (PlayStation, Gamecube)

Watching porn and your mother opens the door to your room? This is the music that should be playing in your head. Back when Metal Gear Solid was released I used to make myself get caught so I can just hear this! MGS would bring back a lot of memories to the people who have played it. Crawling, hiding in lockers and looking at magazines. Just paradise.

Final Fantasy X – To Zanarkand (PlayStation 2)

“Listen to my story, this may be our last chance”. One of the greatest FF games to be released. In my opinion, FF games have been going downhill after X. For everyone who has played FFX knows how much of a great game it really is. Your endless journey with Yuna and co to Zanarkand. A very nice memory to hold for the rest of your life. The music itself is saddening and so is the theme of the game really. Very deep story telling in this one.

That’s all for part 1 guys. I’ll be adding the next part when I’ve decided the music itself. Hope you’ve enjoyed the resurrection of this blog. Don’t forget to comment and tell everyone what your favourite game song or music below.

Till we meet again.


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