10 Things Everyone Did In Grand Theft Auto III

January 11, 2011

Once upon a time in a world far, far away. We had a peaceful world before GTA. There has been numerous Grand Theft Auto’s released after GTAIII, but none will ever replace  our beloved GTAIII, nor will anything replace our animal friend Pogo The Monkey.

GTAIII was the first game to truly be a sandbox game and revolutionise gaming forever. You’re put in a world where everything goes and doesn’t throw the word ‘fun’ out the window.

If you’ve all played this game you would understand the nostalgic feeling this game will always bring once you see a screenshot or hear your favourite music track on your favourite radio station. I’ve compiled a list of things I’m sure everyone would remember doing. Be sure to comment telling us what creative things you used to do in GTAIII.

gta3 logo 04 300x223 10 Things Everyone Did In Grand Theft Auto III

Pick up a hooker:

Remember when you used to drive by with your Infernus or Cheetah trying to pick up hookers so they can give you that extra 25 health points? Then after it all gets down and groovy you kill her and take your money back.

Place a car bomb and wait:

So you visit 8 Ball to fix you with a car bomb. You drive to a section of the map that’s highly populated with civilians and leave it in the middle of the road with your bomb armed. Once in a while a civilian would try to steal the car and that’s where you come in. Then you hear humorous screams from civilians.

Delaying your mission just to finish off a good music track:

I’m sure everyone did this. Before entering a mission if a music track such as ‘Push It To The Limit’ or ‘She’s On Fire’  was on you would delay your mission till the music track is finished.

The Great Wall of Cars then KABOOM:

Basically I used to park a car in the middle of a two way street, then vehicles that are coming and going will be blocked. You steal all the cars that are near you and put them right next to each other. Shoot one car till it’s about to explode then you get to watch the pattern of exploding cars begin. Such beauty…

Stealing the only Banshee on the first island:

The first island only had one and it was right next to a petrol station to what seemed like a car company which only owned one car, but that one car had monstrous speed!

Head shotting civilians from rooftops:

Used to buy a sniper and filled it up with ammo, then go over to a high rooftop and try and get as many headshots in row as I possibly could. Once I had a four star wanted level I would ready my Bazooka to take down the chopper.

Ride the Dodo as long as possible:

Remember the very first time you tried to ride the Dodo and just crashed it? Or remember the very first time you rode it and was actually able to keep it under control for over 5 seconds? It felt very rewarding.

Using cheat codes:

The police is shooting at you, you then rotate a couple of times and then get granted full instant health. My sniper ammo has finished, hmm lets just rotate a couple of times to restock the ammo.

You think you can take me? You need an army if you’re going to take me:

Achieving a 6 star wanted level and once the tank has arrived, you steal it and go on a riot shooting your cannon and blowing up cars. I’ve always wondered why the police was so suicidal when you had the tank? As soon as they appear they tried to commit suicide and drive right into you.

Listening to Lazlow:

Turn your radio stations to Chatterbox and listen to people talking to Lazlow about naked people. Lazlow makes anything interesting!

GTAIII was released many years ago but will forever remain in our hearts as the best Grand Theft Auto yet. What did you guys used do in GTAIII? Be sure to drop it down in the comment section.


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