Fallout: New Vegas Hardcore Mode Special Reward Revealed

October 23, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas was released just Tuesday in North America and just yesterday in Europe. New Vegas is about the player being betrayed and left for dead. After being patched up by the doctor while simultaneously creating your character, you’re left with an option before heading out of the operations room. To switch Hardcore mode on (which isn’t recommended) or keep it off and play the game Fallout 3 style.

Hardcore mode is where the developer Obsidian decided on making New Vegas that bit more difficult and interesting or annoying? You consistently have to keep hydrated, eating food, sleeping and you cannot fast travel if the distance will make you sick of dehydration. Your Stimpaks also do not heal instantly but overtime and your bullets can add weight to your inventory.

When prompted to choose if the player would like to switch on or off Hardcore mode at the beginning of the game, a message appears informing the player that there will be a special reward waiting for them upon completion.

The special award is….drum roll please. The Hardcore trophy/achievement. Unfortunately, yeah that is it. So there you have it, a kick in the ass. Check back for our full Fallout: New Vegas review.




  1. That doesn’t sound surprising tbh. In fact, this does make a good trophy/achievement seeing how most players probably won’t be able to beat the game like this.

    • beating the game in hardcore mode is easy, but it is only a little bit harder because you have to eat, drink and sleep or you’ll die!

    • You also get new traits if you restart the game

      • How

  2. @Final Blade.

    No, it’s not really that good of a reward. It’s not challenging whatsoever to beat it on hardcore mode. Honestly, to me, it’s just like playing the regular game, except, you HAVE to eat and drink and sleep to stay alive.

    That’s something I do regularly anyway. Plus I usually run with 8+ strength so the extra ammo weight doesn’t affect me much. And again, healing over time is pretty simple, due to the fact that I usually take cover while I heel anyways.

    It’s complete crap, to be honest.

    • Never said it was a good in game reward only saying i’m not surprised it’s only a trophy/achievement award and I can see it being on. And truth be told, I don’t like the whole “eat, drink and sleep as well as ammunition having weight” additions on hardcore mode as I like to travel the map and explore and not give a damn about that unless i’m low on health.

      I know I probably wouldn’t be able to beat hardcore mode.

      • hardcore is easy once u realize springs and inns exist. cant use big guns as much cause of ammo weight

  3. Hardcore mode certainly wasn’t hardcore….. having spent considerable amounts of time on Fallout 3, i was looking forward to a challenge with a decent reward… not a paltry, u must eat food and sleep to unlock a trophy…. bah. Now to go back and play the game in normal mode, but enjoy all the other missions

  4. Um why would a trphy or achevment be the spesal reward when it already shows you can get a tropy or or achevment for completing hardcore all the way through. It has to be somthing besides just a trophy becase you alirady can see you can get that if you look through the achevment list. Please dont post things when you dont know what you are talking about.

    • Well you’re a bit silly then aren’t you? Because I just clocked it on hardcore and the reward IS an achievement. End of story.

      “Please dont post things when you dont know what you are talking about.”

    • So much for knowing what you’re talking about. XD Screw that “Special reward.” I wanted a REAL special reward. Gamerscore does NOTHING… Ok. I’m finished.

  5. Im sure you unlock a perk upon creating a new character after beating hardcore mode.

    • Unfortunately…..No. I’ve already beaten it on hardcore. I did it for the challange and “special reward.” No challange and the “Special reward” is an achievement…

  6. I just completed the game from start to finish in hardcore mode, I did not get any reward. It did level up and I noticed a long haul perk alowing me to fast travel when carying a heavy load. What good is that if I cannot continue playing. A reward for eating, drinking and sleeping all the time would have been to let me continue playing other quests and visiting some of the undiscovered places. Damn it, no more hardcore for me im going back to the regular, btw I finished the game first without hardcore and second round with.

  7. I beat hardcore mode with flying colors. Seriously i expected it too be WAY more of a challange. The only thing that I actually found different was that stimpacks heal over time. So you cant just open up your Pip Boy and heal up in the middle of battle. But I soon discovered I can simply use super stimpacks insted. It heals just as much as a regular stinpack, but twice as fast. But it takes away 1 strength. But that doesnt bother me cuz my followers carry all my stuff. And the eating and drinking doesnt bother me either. You just have to rememmber to carry around some food & water. Radiation has never been a problem for me, they should have made it more annoying in hardcore mode.

  8. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  9. You guys have it all wrong, the award you receive at the end is the ability for your companions to not die but become unconscious.

    • WOW!!!! no your way wrong hahahahaha i just cryed reading that! even if you dont beet it in hardcore mode that will still happen. sorry to be mean but at the sametime if you played thru hardcore mode for that u wasted alot of time!

      • my companions still die, pleez explain guyz

    • u r a retard who doesn’t pay very close attention to wats goin on cus my companions have always been knocked unconscious after bein hit a certain number of times and i have played the game four times all the way through on normal mode. jus thought id say that.

      • Duh in hardcore mode they die. like if they get poisoned in hardcore they are dead.

  10. harcore is 2 easy IMO only thing i ever watched was h20, u can probly complete a playthrough without eating or sleeping but u might hv to drink a bit

  11. When they make an add-on, you will be able to keep playing. At least it would make sense, considering they did it for Fallout 3. That was one thing i never liked about it.

  12. This site needs a copy editor.

  13. I was disappointed when i completed on hardcore…It was way too easy and now when i play it on normal, easy etc i always whoop their arses 😦

  14. actually the reward for beating it on hardcore mode is being able to say you beat it on hardcore mode.. duh.

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  17. For all the people who said it was easy do it on very hard for difficulty.

  18. ok i was expecting a perk or weapon or something but a achivment is ok too…..not the best reward though..

  19. The “special reward” is a free lamborghini with no tax penalties. After you beat hardcore, chuck norris shows up at the door of your mom’s basement with the voucher for it. All you have to do is take the voucher, swim across the atlantic ocean, and walk a couple hundred miles until you arrive at a very distinctive rock in the middle of this one meadow in germany. It will be waiting for you there with an 18 year old super model and a million caps.

    • sweeeet 😀

  20. Hardcore’s not hard at all

  21. Well then gtfo Very Easy + Hardcore mode, and go to Very Hard with hardcore enabled. Bunch of pussies/dumbasses v_v

  22. hardcore wasnt hard on very hard… i find it way to easy. the fact that the firt time i played it i used god mode, witch is tgm in consol.But, hardcore mode just ment piling up shit on boone and cassidy. as for teh reward, i thought it was OK, but coulda you lot hae offered us people who beat it something more?

  23. *first, and if anything can kill me in fallout new vegas, it’s my spelling and grammar ability. -_-

  24. Truthfully, hardcore was rather easy for me. I mean, it got annoying when I would occasionally run out of water, but I just quick-tele to a place when a water supply (like Goodsprings) and I was fine. I was hoping for something more than just a little “W00t, you go! You went HxC and won!”… like maybe a special gun or something would’ve been cool. Like, even making a weak armor, but where it didn’t ever degenerate. Oh well, though.. just gotta roll with the punches.

  25. Very Hard + Hardcore mode is the only way to play this game.

  26. Wtf’s da point then? Unless its a super weapon w/ infinite ammo(s), special armor that doesnt wear down w/ +10 of everything (and doesnt give you clan bs), along w/ 2-3 special perks then there is no point on playing on hardcore mode. I mean da euclids c-finder is awesome but it takes a day to charge and only fires 1 round (unless u dont fire it for a while then you can fire multiple times). Even w/ multiple euclids c-finders holding 1 round, once its fired thats it.

  27. i beat the game with very hard + hardcore and it was easy as pie.
    The only pain in the ass was getting the achievement for 10,000 health with food.
    This game was honestly just a big failure for me. Fallout 3 much more entertaining.

  28. and i would like to just add that…
    No other game I have ever played has glitched so much on me… god, not even fallout 3 or oblivion did so much crap to me put together. ):

  29. LOL where did everyones ability to spell go? I know i`m a little late for this but f*ck hArdcore mode, was gonna do It but all i get is an achievement? No. Just no. Ill play hard core mode, never heard of god mode, but that`ll be it. Alien Blaster i love you, your all i need in the world of fallouts.
    Loved fallout 3 too but i like being able to be a lesbian and hear the naughty.

  30. What the f**k is up with that i mean really i have worryed about that f**k that Fallout 3 is better but the lesbian thing is cool.

  31. Nope ur all rong the secret or watever is just a back roud theme for ur console but I play the 360 so idk bout computer or ps3

  32. Why would you just want a trophy we are over playing like a real life.We have to sleep eat watch our weight and shit and piss.Wow com’on.

    • Its c’mon Holmes

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  34. You want something fresh fallout new vegas was a big waste of time its like running a marathon for what being tired lol it has an ending. nuff said what like 6 years ago fallout 3 was out even it had its own way of new game plus. password for the watter treatment plant lmfao you wake up in the brotherhood of steel. bam real fail new vegas but oblivion online 5 stars for the ideology.

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  40. Change a kick in the ass to a kick in the head

  41. I thought it was a special crafting recipe or a gun that cant be found in the wasteland but now this just sucks for me

  42. hardcore mode should be called realistic mode…all Iknow is I got a fancy gold achv trophy and i barely noticed the extra vitals, just think if it was actually you in the desert, youd be thirsty too..

  43. I cant belive it

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