Top Most Wanted Games Of 2011

August 11, 2010

Once 2011 begins, mankind will only have one more year remaining until….the end of the world. Within mankind’s final year, a huge blow out of highly anticipated games are going to be released. Some are new I.P’s while some are sequels. Some you’ve never heard of  while some are more famous than bread on a stick (wait is that even famous?). Gentlemen & ladies (gentlemen first), allow me to introduce to you the most wanted games of 2011!

Homefront – PS3, 360, PC – Kaos Studio

Homefront is a first person shooter set in 2027 where America is actually invaded for once in a game by South Korea. The game takes place in what looks like after the war, as America looks decimated!

Kaos Studios promises emotional depth characters, huge explosions and an interactive free roaming world. In the demo you’re taken to a survivor encampment called Oasis. The area is peaceful but one mistake and all hell could break loose. The area has a school and a children’s playground, yet it’s swarming with men patrolling the area with guns. Homefront will also have multiplayer but the developer wishes not to discuss its plans at this time. All that is known about multiplayer is that will be somewhat similar to the likes of Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s MP.

Killzone 3 – PS3 EXCLUSIVE – Guerrilla Studios

“But if there are those who deny us peace, refuse us our rightful place in the universe, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn….cry out in anguish.” Good old Visari, too bad he won’t be back but Killzone 3 will be. Killzone 3 is already shaping up to be best looking FPS out there. New features such as the jet pack have been confirmed and developer Guerilla have showcased the game in a variety of different environments rather than the overused grey & dark environment. Plus if you’re a rich fellow, you can play this game in 3D!

Infamous 2 – PS3 EXCLUSIVE – Sucker Punch

Cole is back and not only with electricity, but with also ice powers….groovy. Not much really has been confirmed on the game other than the game itself of course. Cole was redesigned by Sucker Punch to a gayer Cole, why Sucker Punch, why? The voice actor has been changed. Why Sucker Punch, why? Yet from the amount of complaints Sucker Punch was punched at, they have returned everything back to normal. Bald Cole is back. Why Sucker Punch, why? (just kidding).

Dead Space 2 – PC, PS3, 360 – Visceral Games

One of the most scariest games of this generation is back and it’s time to kick some Necromorph ass with new weapons and this time around it will take place in a city. Is it just me or has Isaac lost some weight? He’s either pumping iron with the Necromorphs or maybe from the amount of times he has shit his pants? The game will have more death animations, plus the setting will vary and it won’t all take place on a spaceship. Isaac still makes stupid noises in his suit (my favourite feature in Dead Space).

Rage – PS3, PC, 360 – id Software

Yep, another apocalyptic themed game, but could this better the almighty Fallout? Visually it already has coming from the developers that brought you Quake and Doom this isn’t surprising with the game’s visuals being hand painted. Set in an open apocalyptic world with a wide variety of enemies, it seems like id Software are developing another classic. The enemies in this game keep the player on their toes as they try to outmaneuver you. One thing you wouldn’t know is this game isn’t an FPS oriented game but also a racer, so be sure to keep track of this game for more twists. Plus this little baby won numerous awards at this year’s E3, being the best game at the show.

The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword – Wii EXCLUSIVE – Nintendo

Play any Zelda game and you’re guaranteed to be wearing green and throwing a boomerang some point in the game. With this game, the controls have been revamped and now you have more control over Link’s sword than ever before. You can hypnotize enemies by drawing a circle around your them with your sword. Bombs are rolled in a bowling motion and whips can be whipped by moving your control in a…whipping motion. By the end of it, you will weigh as much as Link because this game should be called The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Calorie Burner.

Portal 2 – PS3, PC, 360 – Valve

“There was even going to be a party for you. A big party, that all of your friends were invited to. I invited your best friend, ‘the Companion Cube’. Of course, he couldn’t come, because you murdered him.”

Aren’t we all glad Portal 2 is being developed and we can memorize the script again in hope it would be as memorable as the first one? Portal 2 takes place 50 years after Glados dies (when your dead I’ll be still alive). A new feature in Portal 2 is coop. Now you have another player that can help you work out puzzles and help you progress through the game. New mechanics such as Weighted Storage Cubes, Aerial Faith Plates and more have been introduced.

And yes, our beloved Companion Cube is back.

Neverdead  – PS3, 360 – Rebellion

In most games, once you lose your limbs it’s over, but not in Neverdead because you’re already dead. You play as a character who is immortal and once one of your limbs is sliced off your body, it will affect the way you have to play and need to start being tactful. What’s even better is that once one your limbs is sliced off, you can go over to it and stick it back on. Sounds gruesome doesn’t it? No one is really sure how you can die in this game just yet, but my guess is that once you lose all your limbs, it’s game over even for an immortal.

Oh and losing your head doesn’t seem much of a problem as you get to play on, although we still don’t understand how just yet.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – PS3, 360, PC – Eidos Montreal

There is a very fat chance that this could very well be next years Game of The Year! Its predecessor was a true successor and a classic. Alpha Protocol tried to take its crown but failed miserably. The game has been in development for years, so you can bet your asses this is going to be up there with its elder brother, although the game is actually a prequel to the first Dues Ex. The game will pretty much be just like the first one, where you have a wide variety of different ways to completing a mission. Using stealth or go out all guns blazing or maybe, just maybe you can talk it out with the soldiers?

Twisted Metal – PS3 EXCLSUIVE – Eat, Sleep, Play

Twisted Metal is back baby! What’s even better is now we can finally play this game online with 16 players without it lagging as shit! With online game modes and ranking up, this game looks as crazy as any game can get. Also for the very first time, there will be air vehicles so you can expect more carnage this time around. Also a new online mode called Nuke is being introduced. In this mode, each faction will need to destroy their opponents statue with nuclear powered missiles, by capturing team leaders.  The game has only been announced so not much else is really known about it, as it still seems to be early in development.

Bodycount – PS3, 360 – Codemasters

Be prepared for huge explosions and body counts like you’ve never seen before. Be prepared for….Bodycount.  Everyone remembers how impressive Black was on the PS2? Well hopefully we will be as impressed once this baby is released. This shooter is not about realism, it’s more about the player having fun blowing up and taking things to the absolute extreme. It’s more about causing an explosion and walking away slowly while your back is to it.  The story behind the game is your dropped from a plane and into a war zone in Africa. You’re ordered to annihilate everyone in sight!

What’s your most wanted game of 2011? Post it in the comment section.

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  1. you didnt mention the best game of all those you listed in your stupid list……
    gears of war 3!!! is the best and most looked by gamers, sinch it will sell more then any game you mentioned.

    • i played gears of war…. GAY AS SHIT!

      • are you compleatly retarded kid gears of war three will be trash like gears 1 and 2 all third person games suck on the testical sweat of first person shooters just to get their money people only but third person shooters because first person shooters are soo good

  2. while my older, more inferior twin, started off good, he somehow replaced The Last Guardian with gears and rambled on about sales.

  3. Gears of War 3, Bulletstorm, MGS: Rising, Batman Arkham City, Marvel vs capcom 3… this list fails so hard

  4. this is indeed a big fail, let me do your job for you:

    The Last Guardian
    Gears of War 3
    Metal Gear Solid Rising
    Batman Arkham City
    Killzone 3
    Infamous 2
    Crysis 2
    Max Payne 3

    and that’s the list if we assume Agent and Final Fantasy Versus 13 won’t be out until 2012

    • Much better list

    • much bttr list

  5. Top Most Wanted Games Of 2011 « ITANI's Games Blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  6. How can the Last Guardian be one of the most anticipated if theres nopt even much info about it yet? and gear 3 is just overhyped and really more of the same bullshit.

  7. Gran Turismo? The Last Guardian?

  8. You missed Dragon Age 2 also

  9. Hey, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I like what you have to say. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  10. Top Most Wanted Games Of 2011 « ITANI's Games Blog is a very exciting post, I was looking for this information.

  11. Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Game Play & Buy Cheap Price http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p6X9iQeWR4

  12. UMMM, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Homefront
    La noir
    The last guardian
    Fifa 12
    Svr 12
    Wet 2

  14. Nice Post. This is really very good article. I noticed all your important points. Thank you

  15. Just wondering if you took any writing or editorial classes? You write so well! Maybe you should consider some payed writing pieces. Just a thought! – Kim

  16. Epic fail you missed all the good games wtf gears 3 wet 2 ghost recon future soldier modern wafare 3 la noir the last gurdian dragon ages 2 mortal kombat gran turismo

  17. The best game ever gears of war 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U 4got uncharted 3

  18. & mass effect 3

  19. Homefront (PC)
    Zelda Skyward Sword (Wii)
    and I heard about Last Flight (Wii). It’s really good idea with vampires in a plane but is there anyone who knows if it comes up in 2011?

  20. Max Payne 3
    Fifa 12
    Metal Gear Solid Rising

    anybody heard about last flight ? sounds nice slaughter in plane,vampires… -_-

  21. The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword – Wii EXCLUSIVE – Nintendo – my best!
    Author forgot about:
    crysis 2
    max payne 3
    mass effect 3
    gears of war 3
    icecrusher and Bloodyjack – i’m waiting for bloody Last Flight too 🙂 i’m a fan of this game on facebook,they wrote there something like this: ‘Soon“Last Flight”, game for Nintendo WiiWare will arrived to your consoles’ – so soon… but when is soon?

  22. good question, when is soon ?

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  24. elder scrolls v skyrim will definitely be a big game this year

  25. very good blog, very interesting article, very information requiring.
    good job

  26. Fabulous post! Outstandingawareness on the subject. Without a doubt a fresh bookmark.

  27. Mortal Kombat/Bullet Storm/Duke Nukem Forever


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    Thank you.

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