The PSP2

June 22, 2010

All the rumours about the PSP2 were pretty much…rumours that were far from the truth or were they? Sony did not announce the PSP2 during E3 but the thoughts of it being announced at the Tokyo Game Show isn’t too far-fetched. The Tokyo Game Show is as big as E3 for Japan, so not all hope is lost. Here’s a list of things I would like to see with the new PSP2, when there is one.

1. Trophy Unlocking

Many trophy hunters would purchase a PSP2 solely because of this reason and it would incredibly boost the replay value of each game purchased, so you can even make more out of your personal handheld. Imagine hearing the trophy unlock sound but on the PSP2.Blim!

2. Have larger internal memory

We all would want to see the new PSP have a larger internal memory rather than us purchasing memory cards with a larger capacity the whole time. The new PSP should have larger internal memory with the memory card being an option.

3. Include 3G or 4G

We all would like to go online on our PSP’s anywhere at anytime but with the PSP only featuring WiFi, we find ourselves constantly looking around for a hot spot and then having to have to pay to use them. So 3G or 4G would be one of the most welcomed feature by many gamers.

4. Two analogue sticks

The PSP has only one but it wouldn’t kill them to include two analogue sticks! It would make many games easier to play on the PSP2. The reason there isn’t many First Person Shooters on the PSP is because of how difficult it would be to control your character or gun in the game. Including two analogue sticks would help us and the developers in playing or developing a game.

5. Better graphics

The PSP was released a little after the PS2 and had insane graphics but now the graphics are getting outdated and need a nice upgrade. The PSP at the time had close to PS2 graphics which is in my opinion a technical achievement and with the PSP2, who knows maybe something close to PS3 graphics? Ok that is too far-fetched but maybe close to 360 graphics….

6. Longer Battery Life

I mean come on Sony, it’s a handheld but the battery runs out very quick. We would all like to play our games with full volume on a very bright screen. If they can at least boost the PSP game time for up to 10 hours then that definitely would last most journeys, yet the PSP right now can only go up to 4-5 hours maximum.

7. Include rumble

Including rumble will be putting gamers straight into the action. Killing, blowing up cars, punching someone’s bulls makes none of this stuff come to life without rumble. If Sony include this feature in the new PSP it would vastly enhance a player’s experience and they would be able to include mini games that take advantage of the rumble feature. Take for instance trying to find something and if your PSP vibrates it means you’re getting very close to finding it and the closer you get the more your PSP begins to vibrate.

8. OLED Screen

Many mobiles phones have begun using OLED screens especially smartphones. If the Sony introduces this feature in the new PSP, not only will it boost the PSP’s native resolution but it will also save more power. So gamers can have more game time on their PSP’s before having to recharge it again.

9. High Definition Movie Playback

The original PSP plays movies on UMD’s but how would it feel to playback high-definition movies on your PSP or maybe even connect it up to your home HD-TV and watch it on there? It would feel pretty great. You would have your own movie database on your PSP2.

10. Touch Screen

The DS has changed how gamers play handheld games just because of the touch screen. Take for instance Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The mini games on there are all pretty much touch screen but they also broaden the experience of the game, making it as if the player is actually doing the stuff rather than just pressing a couple of buttons to open a door or steal a car.

These are the features I would like in the new PSP. What features would you like? Let us all know in the comment section below.



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    • Yeah of course. I’m glad you found this article informative.

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