Top PS2 Games That Should Be Remastered On PS3

May 29, 2010

Since the God of War collection was remastered on PS3 I’ve been thinking, there’s many more classics that were released on the PS2 that I would love to be released on the PS3 in high definition and include some trophies in there, that’s a dream come true. The God of War collection brought back some amazing memories while I played it. I’m sure you all know that feeling you get when you play a game you haven’t touched in years, it’s a really nice feeling. Anyway, here are the games that NEED to be remastered on the PS3 and hopefully Sony listens to us! Be sure to comment below as Sony will be emailed by me and although they might reply with we don’t have any plans to bring the games on PS3, I’m sure they will take it into consideration after reading what we gamers want, because at the end of the day we are who buys their games.

Grand Theft Auto Collection

Now how about that? A collection that evolved sandbox gaming once and for all. This series brought so many new things to the playground it was unbelivable. This is why it is one of the most famous and most lucrative series around. Imagine unlocking and hearing the trophy sound in GTAIII? I can just image it. Hopefully we see Claude, Tommy Vercetti and CJ return on the PS3.

Metal Gear Solid Collection

It would make more sense bringing MGS 1, 2 and 3 to the PS3 after MGS4 was released. This will give an opportunity to all the people that haven’t played the previous games in the series to do so and understand MGS4 and how great of a game it really is. I would love to have a run through MGS1 to MGS4 all on one console. Plus this will give a chance for Kojima Productions to finally release trophies for MGS4 and the collection.


Now I know this can’t be a collection and is just one game but it’s just that great. One of the best games I’ve played on the PS2 and one of the most innovative. I remember just going through the game restoring land to its original and beautiful colours. Now imagine how Okami would visually look in HD on the PS3. It would make Ōkami Amaterasu look like a god! Oh but she already is one, well you know what I mean.

ICO & Shadow of The Colossus Collection

We all know this is coming and I can’t wait to get it. Roaming around SOTC world in HD would be a wish come true or holding Yorda’s hand in HD. It’s awesome just thinking about the idea, imagine playing it. Plus this would all fit in perfectly with The Last Guardian being in development why wouldn’t Sony want to support its sales by delivering the previous games on PS3? Well at least we know this collection is coming.

Kingdom Hearts Collection

Bring back one of the best RPG collection on the PS2 to the PS3. Imagine playing as Sora or Roxas on the PS3? Maybe this collection will be released once Kingdom Hearts 3 reaches its final stages of development. Now I know Square Enix takes its time to make games so we can expect KHIII in a couple of years time, but hopefully it comes with the previous two games. Actually I hope it comes with KH: Final Mix and KHII: Final Mix in English. Yes I would love to see Sephiroth in HD.

Devil May Cry Collection

Now I’m not much of a fan of Devil May Cry 2, but 1 and 3 were just too damn good, especially 3. I would love to slash and gun down enemies in HD all over again with Dante. Also see how difficult this game is to platinum with it’s difficulty levels as I can just imagine it. Devil May Cry 3 was widely criticized for its high level of difficulty, so it would be pretty cool to try it out on the PS3 as there isn’t much challenge in games this generation.

Silent Hill Collection

The most scariest games I’ve played are from the Silent Hill series. Imagine doing it all over again but in HD? Imagine experiencing Pyramid Head all over again! I can just image hearing all those creepy noises and the game being silent most of the time until an enemies jumps at you screaming or you hear the creaky wooden floor you walk on until an enemy comes out of nowhere and makes you jump! Sony make this happen!

Jak & Daxter Collection

The best platforming series on PS2 in my opinion. Not many platformers can be fun anymore but this is one of my favourites. Also since there might be a Jak & Daxter 4, this would be awesome to be released all in one package. I also don’t understand why there has been numerous Ratchet & Clank games released this generation but no Jak & Daxter.

Final Fantasy X

I would love to play as Tidus for the millionth time but on the PS3. In my opinion Final Fantasy has lost its touch after FFX was released. FFX was the last FF I enjoyed and I really hope to play it again in HD and with some nice trophies please. Although I won’t be looking forward to playing Blitzball as I could never play that game to save my own life.

Now these are the games I really hope to be remastered in high definition. What games do you want to be remastered that isn’t on this list? Please drop your list below in the comment section.



  1. Fatal Frame 1-3

    • project zero 1-3, timesplitters

  2. Suikoden 1-5 ok ok 3-5 (1 and 2 are psone games). i want this soooooo bad. and then make suikoden 6 konami!

  3. Can’t wait for Ico and SOTC to be released. And a Metal Gear Solid collection would be perfect.

  4. Fear Effect 1 and 2

    Parasite Eve 1 and 2

  5. oops those were ps1

    mmmm ps2 …..

    Zone of the Enders and really kingdom hearts would be nice.

  6. I disagree with just FFX, Final Fantasy Collection with FFX(FF10), FFX-2 and FF12(FFXII) has to be on them as well. You have a damn blu-ray disc with huge amount of space yet no one actually uses it fully except Kojima.

    I do agree with DMC, GTA and Kingdom Hearts though. 🙂

  7. All of the TimeSplitters sequal 🙂

  8. Mass Effect Collection
    and how about SOCOM II HD Remake???

  9. SSX series!

  10. @John Lock

    Mass Effect wasn’t on the PS2… Read the title again.

    GTA would be a perfect addition to the PS2 Remastered Collection.

  11. Persona!

    Get 3 & 4 on PS3 collection and I would buy it right away… I don’t buy games often, I borrow or rent.

  12. SOCOM 1, 2….maybe 3 or just CA so you get both.

    and Timesplitters

    • No Resident Evil 4 or Ratchet and Clank 1,2, and 3 = list insta-fail.

  13. GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City would be AWESOME. I´d buy them in a heartbeat if they´d run 720 and 60hz.
    Holy… moly.

  14. Amaterasu is a she, just saying.

  15. I would love nothing more than to see a Metal Gear Solid collection on the ps3.

  16. can’t believe no one has mentioned onimusha 1-4

  17. i can’t believe no one has said onimusha 1-4

  18. Final fantasy 10 is such a pos followed closely by kingdom hearts, I will admit the story of KH is really good and the combat is entertaining if not really easy but your missing classics they Onimusha, ratchet and clank, you also completely forgot about Resident evil 4 one of the best games of all time. and if they were going to remake any final fantasy it would be 7 granted I ts on the ps and not the ps2. But I would love to see a FF compilation that had a bunch of them on it. But I digress Shadow of the colossus on ps3 would be awesome.

  19. Timesplitters 1, 2, 3 and Resident Evil 4 and GTA Vice City, San Andreas and MGS 2, 3 (3-D view like MGS4).

  20. Well GTA 3 VC & San Andreas would BE SWEEET so would MGS
    but not KH PS3 is 4 Adults not kids
    KIDS go get ur nintendo Whaii kh lame stuff

    • First of all learn english and second kh is not just for kids get your head out of your a$$ =)

  21. SOCOM Series FTW

  22. Ratchet and Clank would be nice. What about the Star Wars: battlefront Collection?

    Or Onimusha in HD?

  23. Onimusha Series


    DINO CRISIS Series

  24. GTA4 (and it’s DLC’s) are so bigger and better in every aspect than the old ones that I don’t see why bring GTA3/VC/SA to PS3.

  25. […] Top PS2 Games That Should Be Remastered On PS3 Since the God of War collection was remastered on PS3 I’ve been thinking, there’s many more classics that […] […]

  26. I only have 1 game that you missed: the entire Persona franchise. Alright, that might be more than one, but the point remains the same.

  27. Ratchet and KH FTW! I dont see the purpose of haviing Jak just because the 2nd one was so relentlessly difficult and I do NOT want to go through that again. However a Hi-def KH would make me go back and play tehe game enjoying refined graphics with a hopefully less embarssing text screens.Ive only played the PS3 ratchet games and would erve to to play the 1st 3(4?)

  28. All the ones listed are great, but I would love to see a Ratchet and Clank collection (preferably including Deadlocked 🙂 ). Those games are still beautiful in 480p, let alone full 1080p.

    I’d gladly pay $60 for any of the collections mentioned. Oh, and having mp3 support for the GTA games would be a nice bonus, hint hint.

  29. I say San Andreas and Black

  30. I actually disagree with this entire list because with the exception of Kingdom Hearts the games mostly suck.

    Of PS2 games that should be redone:

    – Dragon Quest VIII (PLEASE get it done)
    – Persona 3
    – Dynasty Warriors 3
    – .hack (all of them, and add anime cutscenes this time!!)
    – Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII (FMV cutscenes!)
    – Kessen (any of them…with CGI cutscenes)

    PS2 didn’t have that many epic games. It was PS1 that had the greats.

  31. Onimusha 1-4 are at the top of my list, followed closely by the Ratchet & Clank series. Those would be first day purchases for me just like the GOW Collection.

  32. id love to see any of these in the collection lineup.
    R&C series
    twisted metal series
    need for speed series
    tomb raider series
    burnout series
    prince of persia series
    red dead revolver
    ico and SOC
    syphon filter series
    grand theft auto series
    metal gear solid series
    splinter cell series
    ape escape series
    sly cooper series
    jack and daxter series
    resident evil series
    devil may cry series
    yakuza series
    max payne series
    the punisher
    doom 3
    indigo prophecy
    gran turismo series
    socom series
    james bond series
    mission impossible series
    the suffering series
    hitman series
    midnight club series
    manhunt series

    o, and add in a few remasters of ps1 games like crash bandicoot and ape escape spyro, pandemonium, oddworld.
    i wish sony had a studio and its sole purpose was to take old classics and remaster them for the ps3.

    • Duno bout gran turismo, possibly but it would take forever to even get 50% on em, but good idea.
      KIllzone and black could be put together
      Good thinking with prince of persia, although i was unable to complete warrior within :/ even to this day, I give up.

      But R&C is ideal

      • lol, yeah if it takes them 5 years to do GT5 than id hate to see how long it would take them to redo 1,2 and 3.

      • there would no doubt be alot of work involved, but the games already exist…it is not like they need months of planning tracks and progression. just take the game, re-tool it with a better engine and make a few tweaks.
        (if they play with it too much it will be a brand new game.)
        would be great to cruze all the old tracks in our favorite child hood cars again tho.

  33. A couple of people have mentioned it already but definitely Dragon Quest VIII! It’s already a glossy, old-school CRPG, perfect candidate for HD.

    Also Timesplitters, specifically Timesplitters 2. Arguably the most fun four people can have in the same room without needing to wipe up after.

  34. Ratchet and clank has gota be up there like 1-3,
    possibly the Getaway?
    Medal of honor e.g Frontline?
    Tekken tag!
    more that i fogot….
    but there should definitely be a ratchet and clank collection

  35. How can you not have SOCOM 2 on the list ?!

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  42. You guys have to know that sony only releases sony produced games God Of War , Sly Collection. Sony not any other like konami, ubi soft ect. Sony Sorry but, I would love other games too they got to make contracts and other stuff

  43. a few greats would have to be-

    twisted metal, N4S most wanted, burn out revenge, GTA vice city and my total favorite final fantasy 7,
    but the trouble is that it may not be the same game that we gave so many hours of our child hood to. this can be roughly seen in final fantasy 7 crisis core, the game tried to stay true to its predesessor and was a good game but didn’t manage to offer the same addictive sence of adventure and imersment that the 13yo classic achieved.
    I love these old games and would love to see them again, but great care must be taken by the people responsible for their rebirth.

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  45. Dark Cloud series, Devil May Cry, and all Resident Evils

  46. they should do ratchet and clank!

  47. I would die if Zipper could just remmaster all the socom games of the ps2 to the ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Also Zipper, if you are listaning you should make the l button do the same functio as it dose in Socom 4

  49. E la Ratchet&Clank Collection coi titoli ufficiali PS2(Ratchet&Clank 1,2,3,Gladiator)?

  50. Odin Sphere, Grimgrimoire, and Muramasa the Demon Blade release on PSN please.

  51. It felt like the good old days playing GOW1&2 on the PS3.

    id love to see any of these remasted to the PS3 also:-

    R&C series
    kingdom hearts series
    need for speed series
    prince of persia series
    grand theft auto series
    metal gear solid series
    ape escape series
    jack and daxter series
    resident evil series
    devil may cry series

    dragon quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
    killzone – because 2 & now 3 are on PS3 – it’d be great to play to first one in HD as well.

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