Grand Theft Auto V Wishlist

May 17, 2010

At anytime there’s a highly anticipated game, a article like this will certainly pop up. After GTAIV was released, a hell of a lot of people were disappointed and confused. A hefty amount of people were confused because the game got many perfect review scores but the game was far from perfect. With me, if a game is too realistic it could well be boring. GTAIV’s gameplay was too realistic and moved away from the arcadey feel the previous titles had. My true sequel to GTA San Andreas was Saints Row 2. That game was San Andreas on steroids, a really fun game, anyway enough of the past because it is time to move on to the future and see what the future will hold for us and that’s GTAV.

There is a couple of additions that I would like to see in the next GTA game mainly to do with gameplay as the previous game was flawed. GTAIV was half of what San Andreas was. A lot of features that were in SA didn’t appear in GTAIV. Anyway without further ado, here is my wishlist.

1. Improved police A.I.

Ok the police. Now I’m sure every player out there is really annoyed that the police always knows where you are.Very unrealistic! One time I was driving and had a 4 star wanted level, so you know what happens? A police car spawns on top of my car no joke. For a second there I thought they even had god on their side helping them catch me. If you do something in hell, they would probably spawn there too. So what I would like is the police to only start chasing you is if one of the patrols see you with their very own eyes or they can radio in your whereabouts. Plus I would like the army to return. It seemed bad ass to have the god damn army on your….ass.

Also why the hell do the police start shooting at you once you have a one star wanted level?

2. Bring back the features from San Andreas

San Andreas had a shit load of features. While GTAIV was toned down in the features field. GTAIV’s graphics were really top notch for a sandbox game, but I wouldn’t mind them toning down the graphics and adding more gameplay elements instead. I loved going to the gym and pumping iron or eating some burgers to become a fat slob or parachute off a plane or maybe recruit some gang members to follow you and help you on missions or maybe I would like to peddle my way back to my hideout. I would really like GTAV to have the same amount of features as SA and more.

3. Bring back the old driving mechanics

I really hope driving is as fun as it was back on the PS2 GTA’s. Unlike the latest installement where I felt that the driving controls were a bit too rough. I mean using your handbrake would make your car spin 360 degrees, but sometimes I would just like it to simply turn a corner or have fun running over old ladies.

4. More customisation options

More clothes, more mobile phones, more ringtones, more of everything and some new things. GTAIV was really limited in terms of customising your character or anything else to the way you wanted it. You were actually forced to have what every other gamer that’s playing GTAIV has. With very limited features to customise your character and everything else. Let us mod our cars with sideskirts, nitro’s vinyls, front bumpers, back bumpers, spinners, spoilers and also more importantly, let us be able to enhance the cars performance other than only its appearance. Also what about being able to have Internet access at your hideout or home? Why do we have to go to the Internet Cafe to find the love of our life (Internet dating) or to find our next target? Speaking of houses and hideouts, how about we be able to customise that too? Just like in Saints Row 2. Be able to put a pole dancer is not so bad after all, anything extra in a game is welcome. At the end of the day, it’s the small things that make a game because they all add up in the end to make the game that much better.

Oh and Rockstar, let us finally make our own playlist of songs on the radio from the soundtrack you provide us with, or at least provide us with the option to import and use our own songs! Oh and mod weapons, thanks.

5. Coop

How cool would it be to play the game with two players, online and offline? Just roaming around slaughtering people or maybe even the two of you try dating the same girl or um….guy. Do story missions together, so if you need help with a mission any player can just jump right in at any point and help you. It would make the next GTA last much longer, but then again if you like to play the game on your own, you will still have the option to also.

Notable mentions:

  • I would like my cousin or I don’t care who to ever call me to play bowling or do anything with them. If I want to, I know there number.
  • Loads of properties to buy. Also a really huge mansion that would take the player a long while to save up and purchase.
  • Legal jobs. Pizza, taxi, paper boy. Make legal jobs as mini games.
  • More accessible buildings. Museums, arcades (how come no GTA had an arcade?), supermarkets etc.
  • Hunter Helicopter deserves its own section
  • More interactivity in the world. You can use objects on the street to hit people with or maybe even talk to people.
  • Rob a bank
  • Destructibe enviroment
  • Jet pack


  1. i think the red faction guerrilla engine with gta gameplay would be sick. imagine destroying the empire state building or something cool like that. id never get tired of it

  2. Theres missions in GTA that are just memoriable like in GTA IV the bank mission was crazy fun please more suspenseful exciting missions like that…

  3. I say add some RPG elements to GTA V.

    Coop would be a killer feature, and touch up the online department.

  4. I think Rockstar could learn something from Saints Row 2 and Just Cause 2 and the co-op would be fucking awesome 😛

    • Both saints row games were pretty horrible. They were basically just San Andreas with better graphics and more customisation.

  5. Though I hate defending GTA4 due to all of the features they took out from san andreas, I have to say a few things.

    For one, the driving physics are better in my opinion. Rather than it getting arbitrarily easier to drive based on RPG stats, it takes time to learn how to judge how long to hold your handbrake in order to turn without spinning out.

    Also, police do not shoot at you with one star unless you pull out a gun and shoot someone. Until then, they just chase and try to arrest you.

    And coop does exist to an extent, it would just be difficult to give the game a storyline that allows for another player to just jump in at will. It would have to be like Resident Evil 5 where someone was always with you regardless of coop, and we all know how annoying that can get.

    That said, I was seriously disappointed with GTA4. The fact that forklifts do nothing and you have to pay for an expansion pack just to get features like the tank and parachute that were in previous games. Also, when I hopped into the tow truck in Lost and Damned that I was so excited for, I was greeted with the heart-stoppingly disappointing realization that it was nothing but a pickup truck with a new model.

    There’s just no way to please everyone, so they went with pissing everyone off instead.

  6. gta 4 , was game of year runner up to metal gear solid 4 , game spot . com , so to still be talking about it is exciting in its own right , do u think rock star will disappoint again ? Read dead R , is looking crazy cool ? and so are the reviews , ign 9 . 7 … i think given the time peroid for the next GTA , we should and could expect all these elements in the next one…
    nice article

  7. Driving mechanics in GTA4 were the best of any GTA, in my opinion.

  8. Itani, while I can understand the reasons for mentioning some of this for GTA5, if GTA5 or GTAV is even remotely being under the GTA4 physics I don’t see them fixing the car handling….however the Ballard of Gay Tony and The lost and Damned did tweak how vehicles performed while driving.

    With that said, I would prefer if the next GTA had better reward system when completing 100% and would not want them to add pigeons/seagulls to shoot…UNLESS it did not get the police attention.

    I find it incredibly ridiculous and unrealistic to have a 1 star wanted level for shooting a pigeon where there is no cops or something seeing you. This also goes back to your improved Cops AI thing cause they know exactly where you are. =/

  9. As long as I can rape little white girls and kill dirty crack head aids infected niggers then I’ll buy the game.
    LOL !!!!!

  10. I hope they don’t put all the extra stuff from san andreas back in like gyms and having to eat. I just found having to maintain your apperance to be annoying, more so than friends calling you to hang out in GTA IV. All that was just to make up for SA having the weakest story and worst protagonist of any of the GTA games. And no it’s not because he’s black, Vic Vance was a great protagonist. He was just a gangbanger scumbag.

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