Activision Milking Everyone, Everything & Anything

May 9, 2010

With all the recent hate going around against Activision it, the question is does it deserve all of it? The answer is are you shitting me? It deserves every single tiny drop of hate. This is a publisher that takes advantage of the situation. Now I know this is good business wise and that’s how they should should think of everything, as a business transaction, BUT and that’s a big but, they aren’t even acting professionally anymore. Look at what happened to Infinity Ward, I’m actually surprised that game studio still remains open after the amount of people that were originally there left and for what? For Activision not paying their employees for a game that made them billions. Hopefully Inifinity Ward does get what it deserves, I mean imagine working for someone for 2 years and then not getting paid for it? You would be raging. I would be chopping heads with Rage of Sparta playing in the background! Employees at IW were even being blackmailed to complete the game or they leave without a dime for what they contributed towards the game, MW2.

Most gamers should stand against Activision and stop purchasing it’s games because we are supporting a publisher that’s shit. We are supporting them to continue. So when Activision thinks to themselves, “hey have we done anything wrong? No we haven’t because no consequences followed!” And Jesus Christ now they have Bungie in the palm of their hands.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is coming out this fall and most gamers will be saying, I will not be getting a Call of Duty game ever again, but you find them first in line, on the first day of release. The new Modern Warfare 2 map pack was released recently and it’s £11. That’s quarter of how a game is! For what? For a couple of maps? Even the god damn map packs are over priced.

 Then Activision knew how much MW2 would sell, so they automatically raised its original price up without considering anything other than greed.  MW2 was released along with more glitches than how much the game was priced. Gamers continue to this day playing online which is terribly broken and use all the exploits out there to their advantage.

So lets summarise Activision. They overprice Downloadable Content, they bury great franchises and they destroy great developers.

Current franchises being milked are Guitar Hero, Tony Hawks and Call of Duty, and people still continue to support them!


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  1. Well your not paying in place of the record. Your ultimately paying in place of the mega content. Your paying to keep the workers on treyarch working�i don�t really think with the purpose of they bother with the purpose of you would preferably engage in recreation on a brand brand new record subsequently engage in recreation on a record with the purpose of probably takes a quarter of the rate to foodstuffs.

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