Top 10 Upcoming PS3 Games

May 8, 2010

The PS3 had one hell of a games line up in 2009. With E3 just around the corner I’m sure Sony has many surprises for its fans. Also who gives a shit about motion control? All this news about the Playstation Move and Natal is annoying. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to play games while just laying down on your bed or on a toilet seat? Modern gamers are stupid, so we’re taking it back old school with the top 10 upcoming PS3 games you can play with a JOYPAD!

10. Agent – Rockstar North

Not much is known about this game other than its developer and how it would be a similar sandbox game like the Grand Theft Auto series. When GTA was released Rockstar had said that they were restricted with how much content to include in GTAIV because of the Xbox 360. So Agent is like PS3’s GTA. I’m always looking forward to shooting up some hoes after everything is done and dusted. So Agent is a PS3 exclusive to keep a watch on. Agent earns itself a position at number 10 after ridding the world of some whores.

9. Modnation Racers – United Front Games

Ever felt like creating your own car and racing track then publishing it online and riding it with Nathan Drake or Kratos? Oh crap, well now you can. In this game you race and along the way you pick up weapons to use against your opponents. You can also customise your character, car, create your own race track and publish it online for others to race on. This game is a cross between LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart. Plus this big daddy is being released very soon, so be sure to check it out. Oh and one last thing, you can expect a shit load of downloadable content for this game just like LBP. From characters to racing tracks. After shooting its way through with rockets, this game nabs 9th place.

8. Dead Space 2 – EA Redwood Shores

The previous game was one of the top survival horror games to be released this generation. With the sequal confirmed to be released in April 2011. The game seems to take place in a city rather than on just a ship this time around. The developers also have confirmed that the game will have new weapons and much better death scenes. They’ve also confirmed that Isaac’s armor will all look completely different, unlike the previous game where more metal plates where placed on each armor and only the last one being completely different. The developer still hasn’t confirmed if coop will be included in this game as of yet. Hopefully the final boss battle would be more epic and not only will it be slamming its tentacles down and you just strafe left and right to dodge them. Also hopefully we don’t have to fight a vagina again but maybe a penis? Only time will tell. Isaac plasma blasts 8th place.

7. Gran Turismo 5 – Polyphony Digital

The 5 edition to the highly acclaimed racing simulator. Now this game sells in millions and millions of copies around the word. It’s one of the most realistic and enjoyable racing simulators out there. With a make up over do, the cars and tracks look more realistic than ever! Also we have a game with most of the latest cars and a game that’s been in development for such a long period of time, it’s on the verge of being released sometime this year. Also a couple of days ago the game was said to be 90% complete, so this game will be racing to store shelves very soon. Expect Sony to announce a PS3 bundle with Gran Turismo 5. This title is sure as hell to make Sony big buck buck bucks! This game reaches the finish line at 7th place.

6. Fallout: New Vegas – Obsidian

If you were a fan of Fallout 3 you will most likely already know this game has been in development for quite a while now.  Ever wanted to gamble in Fallout 3? Well now you can, with the developer promising the choices you make will have a heftier price to pay and new gameplay features. This is definitely an RPG to look out for. The game takes place 3 years after the events of Fallout 3. So there could be some similarities in the story. The game is still set in post-apocalyptic times where nearly everything is pretty much destroyed and what you see is just the aftermath. Also the famous radio stations should be back in this one, so I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to set a flame in 6th place.

5. LittleBigPlanet 2 – Media Molecule

A very innovative game is about to get a sequel and MM is promising lots of new features such as the player won’t just be restricted to creating only platformer levels, but now can create shooters, RPG’s, adventure and other genres in gaming. With that said, think about all the possibilities that can be created in LBP2. Also all DLC content from the previous game will be transferred to the new one. What is even better is that this game is slated for a 2010 release. What’s even funnier is that this game was only confirmed a couple of hours ago. Hopefully slapping people can be more brutal this time round. Sackboy creates his way to the 5th spot.

4. Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Square Enix

If you are a PS3 owner and was let down by FFXIII, then you still have hope to feed your RPG hunger once this game is released. With the Kingdom Hearts team working on this , it really looks promising. Also this game won’t be downgraded to fit the 360’s capabilities as it’s a PS3 exclusive. So this game will pretty much prove how FFXIII should have looked or how much the game could have offered at the end of the day. Once this game is released, we will truly know how much the 360 held back FFXIII.

3. The Last Guardian – Team Ico

If you were ever a fan of Ico or Shadow of The Colossus you will know what to expect from Team Ico. A game that brings something new to the table. Something that’s innovative and something that a game that no other has done before it. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, you get to either control a little boy that takes care of a large god knows what sort of species it is or the god knows what species it is takes care of you. Not much in terms of gameplay features have been revealed for this game as of yet, but you should definitely expect this title to be at E3. Also if you’re a true gamer you wouldn’t care what kind of game this is, you should purchase it just because it’s by Team Ico.  The Last Guardian nabs 3rd place.

2. Infamous 2 – Sucker Punch

With Sony just grabbing the Infamous 2 domain a couple of days ago, this pretty much confirms this game is on its way. The first game was a truly a great new IP and I played both as evil and good and they were very entertaining. It will be interesting to see what kind of are direction the developers will be taking on with Infamous 2. Will you be able to carry on with the same powers as the first game? Will there be much more side features to do this time around in the city? All will be confirmed very soon!

1. Killzone 3 – Guerrilla Games

Yes I know this game hasn’t even been announced yet but it’s common sense that it will be announced very soon seeing all the rumous floating around about it, it seems that we may very well get this game sooner than we think. I’m going to take a wild guess and say this game will be showcased at this years E3 and we will be once again blown away just like how Killzone 2 blew everyone away once they saw the demo play on screen. The story of ISA VS Helghans shall continue, hh and I hope Rico dies in the first 10 minutes of Killzone 3, damn that character is annoying as hearing announcements about Natal & PS Move! The Helghan empire VEKTAPEDIA are No.1!



  1. take out final fantssy, dead space, and falout, as there all pants. dead space has a lil bit of inovation at least, but at the end of the day, there 3 pants games.

    replace with., if you so wish,….. white knight chronicles 2, and demoon sould 2, and yakuza 3 & 4,.. if rpgs yor’ thing.

    if its action, replace with… uncharted 3, which nolan north has said he is recording some of alreDY. twisted metal, which has been in production for over 2 years, and is well along the way. a new syphon filter, as beeh in development for over 3 years.
    a new ace combat is rumored, exclusive, and a new starhawk, after the first, warhawk

    a new genji and a new socom are in development..

    3d dot game heroes releases in 9 days, and modnationracers in 15 days.
    there are s many more that i cant say though.

    its f**** ridiculous.

  2. So you give me your top 10 list.

  3. dont get me wrong, but sony doesnt need 3rd part devs, its all ready brought the best of the best, with the rest going to ea, i used to hate ea, ubi, acti anyway..but now its activision at the top no.1 haters list, not ea, ea are trying hard, acti arnt. there just whoring the industry.

    ninty the same

    and your list wasnt bad.

    1. agent
    2. twisted metal 7
    3. infamous 2
    4. killzone 3
    5.uncharted 3
    6. ace combat 7
    7. starhwak
    8. granturismo 5
    9 .modnationracers
    10. lbp 2
    11. motorstorm 3
    12. zoe 3, or kijomas new game with mechas (lol) which ever…
    13. syphon filter 5
    14. the mark of kri 3

    and thats in order of importance, agent being no1.

    theres also a few more, just ‘rumor tho’ . . ..here we go
    2 new ea games exclusive to playstation one of which is ssx
    3 new namco games exclusice to playstation
    2 new capcom games exclusive to playstation
    another 4 sony games….one of which is socom, one is genji. 2 more…..

    its over for the gaming world, can anyone compete with this….

    certainly actis line up for the next 2 years just got ripped , made a laughing stock
    similar with ubi and ea.

    and microsoft got crackdown and halo. erm..?? who do they think they are.

    thanks for comments.

    • Gee, thanks for your insight, didn’t know you worked in the videogame industry of sooo many companies that you can make the assumption of all these games which haven’t even been announced. ZoE3? Motorstorm 3? Starhawk? Syphon Filter? Stop talking out of your ass. Hell, even Uncharted 3 is mere speculation because Naughty Dog wants to do a Jak game.

      • That’s what I was thinking. Cause there has been no word about Zone of The Enders at all.

  4. Actually you have a pretty good list, although each list is a matter of what you’re into really. I do agree about Activision milking everyone with the Call of Duty franchise and everyone is falling for it. I agree that Uncharted 3 definitely should have been up there though and same with Twisted Metal, a classic game, but with the rest of your list I ain’t into those games. Oh and definitely Zone of The Enders 3, no doubt about that, but is that even in development or announced? It hasn’t been talked about for many years.

    Thanks for the comment be sure to become a follower of this blog. You make interesting points.

  5. I am sad at the lack of Starhawk.

  6. Great list, but where’s Resistance 3? I can’t wait for the next Resistance!

  7. Share your top 10 list nuuu.

  8. I kind of agree with this list, but there’s just a few games I’d take out and replace and I don’t agree with some of the placements.

    Here’s my list (in terms of what I am most excited for currently):

    1. ModNation Racers
    2. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    3. Transformers: War for Cybertron
    4. Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    5. Brink
    6. inFamous 2
    7. Killzone 3
    8. Resistance 3
    9. Gran Turismo 5
    10. LittleBigPlanet 2

    If a new Jak & Daxter or Uncharted 3 was announced, Jak & Daxter would probably replace ModNation Racers if it had an online component with a strong community, if not, then it would replace Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Uncharted 3 would probably replace inFamous 2.

  9. 1)Ace combat 7
    2) Gran turismo 5
    3)Modnation Racers
    4) Resistance 3
    5) Socom 4
    6)Need For Speed Hot Pursit 4 (Criterion)
    8)FFXIII Versus
    9) Armored Core 5

  10. regardless of how much it is ignored, I am still interested in Singularity, the game looks to be really interesting. also naughty bear 😛

  11. Naughty Bear looks like its go potential to be a really good game. I was never a fan of Ace of Combat, which is one of the reasons why I never had it on the list.

  12. BANKAI!

  13. Not a bad list, people need to stop complaining and accept that its a personal opinion. I’m personally looking forward to Killzone 3 though.

  14. Agent for me , i want that rock star polish on raw ps3 power with Qt – from kill bill etc movie cut scenes set in the past of flashy lights cars hotels and mature themes ….

    well thats me sold . . .
    (if i am assuming correctly)

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  21. Twisted Metal?

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