Top 10 PS3 Games

May 6, 2010

With the PlayStation 3 being released for over 3 years now, many great games have been released on the platform. So I have compiled a list of 10 PS3 games which I think are the best 10 games on the platform…for now.

10. Little Big Planet – Media Molecule

A game where you can create your own level and insert cars, dragons, toilet seats, ladies, bananas, footballs and even the console itself the PS3 in your level. Now I have been playing this game for a while now and I’ve seen a lot of creative people making levels really enjoyable and fun. Plus you can play each level with up to 4 players on your own with friends or with a bunch of strangers online. Also lets not forget about the most important part, you can slap people in the game.

9. Flower – ThatGameCompany

A very innovative and unique game. This game is very relaxing and allows you to take a break from all the shooting games out there. Each level you begin with one flower and that one flower drops a petal and that petal is you. You basically control a petal and you go around the level trying to find other flowers and bloom them while simultaneously collecting petals to make the trail of petals behind you grow.

8. Infamous – Sucker Punch

A very fun sandbox game. You play as Cole a villain or hero you get to choose. Will you save the people and the world or will you be evil and selfish? Will you help and save civilians or will you help bandits defeat the police force you choose. The character you play as has super human powers. His skills varies but are all electricity oriented. Cole can grind rails, jump from building to building or just glide to it. So Cole electrifies the 8th spot.

7. Heavy Rain – Quantic Dream

A game that does story telling in a different way to your average game. Here you have a story where you need to find a murdered who kidnaps children and murders them. It allows you to make different choice through out the game and each will affect the final outcome. You get to play as three different characters and each character can die and you evidently won’t be able to continue that characters story. The three characters stories branch together as the story progresses. Heavy Rain has a really good plot if you ignore some of the plot holes.

6. Burnout Paradise – Criterion Games

This game is one of my favourite racing games of all time. I mean you can race and crash cars! Totalling your car makes each race so much more intense. Pack a very fast car with a nice paint job and some boost and you’re ready to go. Burnout allows you to free roam the Burnout world online with your friends or strangers and the host can set tasks such as make a 360 degree jump. If you want a game that has a very long lifespan and is in love with cars be sure to get this!

5. Fallout 3 – Bethesda Game Studios

My favourite RPG game on the PS3. With so much to do in the Fallout world, I found myself playing this game for over 70 hours. Feel like raiding a supermarket to loot some items? Feel like pick pocketing from people? Feel like being evil or good? Feel like decorating your own house? Feel like blowing up a city? Well you can in Fallout 3 cause it’s one crazy world out there and you’re in it. A awesome RPG without a doubt. “When words fail, there’s always fists”.

4. Killzone 2 – Guerrilla Games

My favourite first person shooter on the PS3. Guerrilla Games had a lot of pressure on themselves when the KZ2 E3 demo was showcased and everyone had doubts that a game can be displayed at such superb visuals but Guerrilla Games proved all the naysayers wrong. They developed a game that isn’t just visually impressive, but the overall game itself is just excellent. Plus whoever designed the helghans is a genius!

3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots – Kojima Productions

Snake? Snake are you there? Snake answer me! Snake! Snaaaaaaaakkkeeee! The game that has one of the best game over screens ever scraps 3rd position. Solid is now a old man but that doesn’t mean he can’t place Playboy magazines on the floor to distract soldiers or hide under cardboard boxes or hide inside lockers or prawn under cars or attract ladies or most importantly smoke. Metal Gear Solid is one of the best franchises of all time and number 4 concludes the story very well.

2. God of War III – Santa Monica Studios

Death is my calling. Vengeance my creed. I will wash away the past with the blood of olympus. Chaos will rise again! Kratos is one violent son of a bitch! So he chops his way to 2nd place. Such a great game with such a great story. I wouldn’t have been as interested as I am in Greek mythology if it wasn’t for this franchise. What’s more interesting is how it modifies a lot of it. From the epic boss battles, to the brutal death scenes to the really awesome soundtrack. I don’t care what anyone says God of War III is near perfection.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Naughty Dog

Well what can I say about this game other than it’s just so perfect. Throw in Nathan Drake as the main character, some ladies, some helicopters, a excellent script, some awesome graphics and some Naughty Dogs and I present you with game of the year 2009 that snapped over 100 awards. With such an awesome single player campaign and when your done with that you have a even better online mode. There’s nothing Uncharted 2 does wrong other than making us want more. My favourite game on the PS3 goes to Uncharted 2.



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  3. These lists are all the same. Try contributing something NEW.

  4. This list sucks. How the hell can you leave off Red Dead Redemption?

  5. 360 sux

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    • Hey I like sonic the best his games rock

  7. metalgear solid4 et uncharted2+god of war+ cest le meilleur jeux

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  10. Couldn’t go wrong with God of War III. Great gameplay with great visual.

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