Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

May 3, 2010

Game of the year, of the year, of the year, of the year. The game that won over 100 awards and deserved every single one. Uncharted 2 doesn’t need no introduction as if you would have without a doubt heard a thing or two about its sequel that was released last year in October. Uncharted 2 didn’t just nearly win every game of the year award out there but it also went onto being one of the best selling titles on the Playstation 3. You can tell Naughty Dog worked off their asses trying to perfect this game as best they can and we will know by the end of this review if it is worth grabbing Game of The Year.  With a multiplayer component and a game that overshadows the first in every way, lets see how it will stack on my scoreboard.

The story follows up around a year or so after the events of the first game. Nate has joined up with a group of thieves to capture the lost treasure fleet of Marco Polo and as usual things get more complicating with betrayal and a fair amount of plot twists. Anyway that’s how far I can go in terms of story without it being spoiled, but the story is really engaging and you’ll understand once you get a jab at it yourself’s.

The game itself doesn’t take place on one island as in the first one but it actually takes place in numerous different locations, which introduces better gameplay variety and it makes the pacing of the game that much faster.

Visually the game is stunnnig and Uncharted 2 has a lot going for it in terms of graphics as you won’t see anything better on the PS3 in terms of visuals or even maybe an overall game. This title has set a new standard in terms of visuals on consoles. Other developers will need to make a damn good title to top how this title looks.

The first game had a load of god damn walls to get behind for cover. There’s a wall which means cover and when pressing O to take cover to a wall it’s as if you’ve been glued to it for eternity, while in the second one they’ve made the walls a lot less….gluey. A couple more weapons have been introduced in this one from pistols to rifles to the almighty RPG! The game pretty much plays like the first one where you climb, run, jump and shimmy to reach your destination, although the objects that need to be used to progress are more difficult to spot this time around. There is also more treasure to collect this time where unlike the previous title with 61 treasures, Uncharted 2 has 101 for you treasure hunters to find.

Melee combat has vastly improved over the original since now you can actually grab people while in cover to basically kill them without alerting the other guards and trust me these stealthy kills come in handy while playing the game on the harder difficulties. If you succeed in sneaking behind an enemy by initiating a stealth kill, you have a chance of taking them out in one hit. You even have a chance of avoiding a whole battle if you can take out all the enemies stealthily without anyone being alert. Unlike its predecessor there is a larger variety of enemy types this time round and each one has more armour on than the last! Also sometimes you will encounter enemies who have a riot shield, so after killing them you can use it to protect your ass from being shot. Talking about variety there’s even a level where you play on a moving train, while usually in other games that train doesn’t progress through the level until you progress through the train but not in this game. Your on a train and it’s a moving level!

One complaint I have about the game is that how you’re stuck sometimes in one room with a shit load of enemies that keep coming after they watch their pals die! Towards the end of the game, the number of enemies that keep coming is ridiculous!

ND went as far as including multiplayer in Uncharted 2 and it’s pretty vast and really enjoyable to play with friends.  Competitive play  includes modes such as team deathmatch, capture the flag and elimination. The more you play the more you will rank up, which will grant you different perks to use to your advantage online. Then there is cooperative modes such as survival where you team up with someone to progress through waves of enemies as long as you possibly can. You can also play a mode where you and a friend can team up and steal the treasure back to your base while planning your route along the way. This can be difficult as you move slower while holding the gold and with enemies shooting at you, things won’t be looking up.

That is pretty much Uncharted 2 in a nutshell, well in a large one. If you’re looking for an action packed adventure look no further and get this game as it’s a must have title and it isn’t game of the year for no reason.



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