God of War III Review

May 2, 2010

God of War III has been chosen to be the first game I review on my blog. While the first two titles in the trilogy were released on Sony’s Playstation 2. The third instalment arrives on the PlayStation 3 and what can you expect on new hardware? A more brutal, bloody and angry Kratos that’s what you can expect.

In the first game Kratos is more of a person you can relate to but after every game he became more inhuman and no he did not act like a god, but more like a cold hearted son of a bitch through out the whole of the 3rd game. Now in most games you would enter the game playing as a hero of some kind but in this series Kratos has never played as the hero, more like the villain instead, plus you get to control this god or warrior or maybe you could think of him as YOUR hero.

God of War III picks up where number 2 ends and that’s with Kratos climbing Mount Olympus on Gaia’s back, with the war between the gods and titans taking place and Kratos still hunting for revenge. Don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t be talking about the story much.

Gameplay wise the combat itself remains unchanged and the third game doesn’t bring anything innovative to the table, but the battling mechanic wasn’t broken in the previous games so there’s little room for improvement combat wise. Kratos begins the game with only one weapon and as you progress through out the game characters begin to give you new weapons and you learn new magic abilities. Leveling up your weapon is still intact and it’s still pretty much the same as its predecessors, you collect red orbs from defeating enemies or opening chests to increase your weapons strength or unlock new combo’s to use to your advantage.  Gorgon eyes and Phoenix Feathers are still included in the game and are still used for the same thing since the first game, to permanently increase your health and magic bar. Although Minotaur horns have been introduced which limit how much you can use the Bow of Apollo or Helios’s head before the bar would need recharging.

God of War has always had intense boss battles and third one delivers just that. The game developers promised the game to begin with a bang and not slow like most games. With an epic battle against the god of the sea Poseidon and epic music (Poseidon’s Wrath) playing in the background. The God of War’s QTE (quick time events) have become less difficult to suit casual players also, plus it has 4 levels of difficulty to satisfy the hardcore.

God of War III has one of the best visuals that rapes the Playstation 3 hardware and it really showcases what the PS3 is really capable of, plus as we’ve come to understand with each GoW game, the scale in this one is pretty amazing and it will  leave you gawping at the battle scenes or how much is really going on, on the screen at once with a solid frame rate.

GoWIII would last you around 12 hours if you’re playing it through hard and will last you around 6-8 hours on the lower difficulties.

Santa Monica Studios did a great job with this title and I highly recommend to add this title to your collection if you haven’t yet as it’s definitely one of the best titles on the PS3. Great game, great visuals, great gameplay and it’s one of the most violent games around which scores it a couple more points in my book.



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  1. Very Good review man! Best of luck for the future!

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